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For some time now I have been experiencing some anxiousness when it come to dealing with everything. It seems that at times it is worse than other times and over the course of the last 3 years I have conviced myself that it is normal and just a part of life. In this recent year I have really felt it taking a hold of me and controlling my moods and actions. I don't like taking meds on a daily basis, but I am wondering if I should consider something. I have taken a xananx before and it seems to help some. I really only need something as I get closer and closer to my period. It is like part of a hormonal issue. My question is is this a normal part of life's stress and nothing to worry about or should I be seeking more help?
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I have had the same similar issues but for me it manifested after the birth of my son. He was 9 mos. and I was under some marital issues, and I had a panic attack, or what the E.R. Docs said was happening. I thought I was dying that day, and I have never been the same since. My episodes occur mostly now around my period, usually a week to two weeks before it starts. I also feel very weepy around that time and depressed. I also experience increased heart rate, and nervousness after eating certain things during this time. I have been on ativan as needed for 4.5 years. And it doesn't help in the long term as this issue has become chronic. When I went to my doc on monday of this week he prescribed Paxil 10mg. He wants me to take it at bedtime, but I think that I will take it during the day for a few days so that I know how it makes me feel. I plan to start it today.
He wants to see me in 2-3 wks. I asked to go see an endocrinologist, to have my hormones checked, and he wanted to try this first, because in his opinion my labs are all normal. But I know about other hormones that aren't in the basic lab value class that they have not checked, and require a specialist, to exam. I do hope you get to the bottom of your dilema. Keep in touch  
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It is never a bad idea to seek professional help.  They can recommend tests to rule out physical issues.  They can then recommend treatment.

And you have support here.
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Have you tried talk therapy?  Best to exhaust gentler means than to go on these strong medications unless the anxiety is severely impeding your life.  Medication is no picnic and only treats symptoms, it doesn't cure, so you'll have to do the therapy anyway.  And it's always important, as suggested, to rule out physical causes, such as thyroid or blood sugar first.  Good luck.
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