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Any tips on dealing with anxiety??

Like how can you keep calm? What helps you?
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Hi. I suffer from OCD & anxiety. I go for therapy & take meds which help tremendously. Bedsides this, I mediatate, walk & drink chamomile tea
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Learn Peaceful Place techniques and meditate, changing any negativity by using the process of acceptance, co-operation, unconditional love and forgiveness to develop the sense of inner peace.

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I use herbal remedies like calmamile teas and lemon balm together as a tinkster or separate also think of positive thoughts in public or stressful situations eating right also helps alot chocolate caffeine and also nicotine and sugar can trigger anxiety attacks too they are pick me ups that our already busy minds don't need some they can be no nos omaga3 food fruits and veggies are great
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Great point, loose30cannon! I, too, have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. I had my blood tested and found out I have an omega 3 deficiency. This, along with my caffeine and nicotine habits certainly did not help. Now, I have quit nicotine, cut down considerably on caffeine and focus on positive thoughts and surround myself with positive people. All great posts on here of tips that I use that work.

So, take a look at diet, lifestyle, thought process, etc. And some simple changes can do wonders. I also started to meditate. The anxiety can make it challenging at first. However, focus and stick with it. I started using a timer of short intervals and gradually increased it so that I can meditate for longer periods of time. Thanks to all who have posted these tips!
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I'm going to try all these tips hopefully they help me too.
This is annoying.
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