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Cymbalta ? Should it be doing this?


I just recently started Cymbalta today for GAD (i know its early so my symptoms will be bad for awhile). The nausea i can handle the Constant shaking i can handle, even the tingling i can handle BUT its increased my Anxiety AND put heaps of heat on me. The Paramedics were called cause i felt like i was on fire and i could not stop tingling so bad. I did take a xanax and i think thats what set me off but the doctors okayed me? Has anyone got anything they can tell me about their experinces with Cymbalta?????
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Ummm I take cymbalta for anxiety and it works quite fine.... Im pretty sure that a lot of people take it for anxiety/depression
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Cymbalta is not indicated for the treatment of anxiety disorders. This is an adrenergic agent that primarily effects the turnover of Norepinephrine in the central nervous system. The drug is a stimulant, which is why it is used to treat more severe forms of endogenous depression. Therefore, it is more likely to worsen anxiety.

Never-the-less, the drug takes several weeks to accumulate to a steady-state (therapeutic) level, and adverse reactions would not appear following a single dose. That you were "okayed" suggests a lack of physiological findings, and your experience is more indicative of an anticipatory reaction (ie: you were likely nervous about trying a new drug).
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