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Success Stories???

Hey guys, I was just sitting here and started thinking about the past year (he!!) and think that I and others would benefit from hearing any success stories... I feel Iv come far from what I was, learned a lot, gained new friends and people to talk to.

I know I would feel great knowing this anxiety can be beaten for good!!!! I would like to see hope for me and others alike! Anxiety has turned my life upside down.. I missed out on a lot the past year!!! I want to know there is hope!!

Tell all, Please....

Happy New Year guys.....

Jen xx
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I think there are still people on here that have beaten it! But just not as often! i feel like Im nearly there( hope I dont jinx it now).... Just be sooo good to hear from people who have beaten it totally!!!!
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yeah I considered that after posting last night. I know I would not return. I'd be too happy to return.
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well, I would have to say its unlikely success stories even check this site any longer...once you have beaten this demon, why ever return right? I wouldn't...personally I would probably delete my profile here as helpful a site as this is, I would NOT want to continue to concern myself with anxiety as much as I would love to help those suffering, imagine the relief!!!
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Well, this thread is slightly depressing............

Someone make up something at least! Hahaha.
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