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Weird sensations in head.

I'm new to the boards looking for support.Ive hade undiagnosed  anxiety sense I was in my teens.I'm 26 135lbs 5'8.Only other health problems is skipped beats(PAC) Holter monitor caught them.Was working in stadium hosted Rodeo's,roping,horse shows,etc (dusty and dirty).Was working in heat doing some carpentry work using woodfinisher(stain),polyurathan.Not shure if there cause of my problems or helped cause.Shortly after thats when my symptoms begin.I feel woozy sensations like my brains shakes for a sec. accompanyed by nausea,floating feeling while walking was worse at first.A slight head pressure like a books on top of my head at times.Lightheaded like my heads full of blood or not getting enough oxygen to brain.I get these tingly feeling in my head,shoulders, and arms.Not the same tingly u get when your arms asleep more like a rush of energy to my arms and shoulders makes me feel unsteady while standing.I have been to ER 3 times CT normal accept slightly clogged sinus.Blood work and all other workup normal.I also get these weird sensations in my nose maybe my sinuses feels like blood is rushing to my nose.No vertigo no syncope yet.Blood pressure is usually normal but at last ER doc says it was marginal.Been to volunteer clinic because I'm poor they are in a long (mounth and a half now)process of getting me a an apointment for nuero in OKC.3 mounths of these symptoms coming and going and my anxiety is at an all time high.I'm in fear of my symptoms.Only time they dont accure is when showering,driving, and playing my guitar.Looking for answers.
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I feel you on what you are going through. I too have experienced many of these weird sensations in my brain and body. I guess I'll start by telling my personal story. I'm 23 years old. I have experienced anxiety and depression off and on throughout my life, triggered by a traumatic experience, deep-seated regrets and combinations of other experiential-circumstances, and I can tell you first hand it is truly amazing how the mind is capable of affecting the body. The summer after I was in eighth grade I was bed-ridden most of the time and was so nauseated I couldn't swallow apple sauce and was only able to eat once a day during a certain window of time. I had no idea about anything to do with anxiety and as the months dragged on I felt forsaken of God and was convinced I had some terrible disease. Eventually the doctor told me I had anxiety and gave me some Buspar samples. I'm by no means suggesting to take psychiatric medications. After a couple months of taking that I started to feel better. I think it was more the Placebo effect than anything that made me feel better. So, I know what the symptoms of anxiety feel like.. Well, I've been fine mostly for the years after that until this year a series of events through me into a tailspin. First, I lose a good steady job I had that I was well-respected because someone at work was making it impossible for me to be happy there. I know, I should have tried to work it out with them but we were both stubborn. Then after that I found out that the girl I was seeing was a pathological-liar, heartless, psycho, whatever you want to call it or just downright mean. Because even after having asked her numerous times on if she slept around and if she had any stds she would always claim she had been tested and she ended up giving me an std. At the time (early this year) I thought the std was permanent so I just locked myself in my room and started drinking frequently. (later I realized that it's not permanent; hpv genital warts, my doctor didn't explain anything) After doing that for awhile I started to become very antisocial and felt weird, awkward, or "tripped out" being around people, even my own family and old friends. I later realized that this was anxiety but I had no physical symptoms at this time other than rapid heart beat. Before, I used to self -medicate with Marijuana which helped a lot and never had any negative side effects on me except some paranoia on onset depending on circumstances. It would help me with my depression and made me feel balanced and in harmony with life. But when I couldn't get it or afford it because of it's "legality issues" or because sometimes the quality is bad because you never know what you're going to get on the black market. (another downside of it's legality) I had quit doing that though and was unable to work because I would constantly go into a panic. Eventually one day, when I felt like I had no other options left I went to the low/no-income psychiatric clinic.. After going through the motions a Psychiatrist prescribed me Lexapro and Klonopin. I have taken benzos like klonopin before and they had never made me feel any weird sensations as a sidenote. However, I took the Lexapro for 9 days and on the 8th day I woke up from a very vivid dream to what felt like a pop in the right front side of my head and then a tingling. I disreguarded it as  "getting used to the medication" and took the Lexapro one more day. On that 9th night I woke up again around 2 am and had to use the bathroom. When I walked in there I got that cool/cold sensation all over my head and the tingling all over my head, I got clammy, and everything sounded distant and fuzzy, basically like I was going to pass out then I walked a step and collapsed against the shower door onto the floor. I laid there thinking I was going to die then became nauseated. I slowly regained some energy but after that I was very weak. I went to tell my dad but he was fast asleep and had only been asleep for an hour. I got on my computer my arm was so weak the cursor was slowly moving across the screen and  I thought my computer had a virus but it was really because my arm was so weak. Then I finally woke my dad up and told him whats going on. He tried to ask me if I ate something bad and made a list of symptoms but talked me out of going to the ER. Needless to say, I immediately stopped taking the Lexapro (an SSRI, by the way) and for the next 3 days I felt weak, had a weird aftertaste in my throat, and had a mild headache, and a little tingling in the right front part of my brain. Then after that I started smoking marijuana again, and drinking but just occasionally this time and not large amounts. I felt fine for three weeks and even joined a local gym during that time and was working out almost every night. I applied for a couple jobs. I started hanging out with my old friends and I was taking my klonopin at this time, mainly before gym or before hanging out with people. Then after three weeks I was hanging out at a friends house. I had stayed the night and we had drank beer the night before and I had taken some of my klonopin, just 1.5 mg. Another friend had come over and we had smoked some weed.  I still felt fine but had been having mild headaches  a few days prior. And all of a sudden my symptoms came back. I got that feeling of pressure on the top of my head and the cool sensation and then that disorientation or faintness feeling and then the insuring panic attack from the fear of "what's going on with me." After that I went to another room and tried to calm down then decided to drive home. It will be four weeks this Wednesday since these symptoms came back. I  saw a doctor having borrowed 20 dollars for the copay as I have no money and no income and healthcare is for the privileged in this country. The doctor heard my story and checked basic things which he could find nothing wrong with. So he said next thing is a CT scan. I thought I had had a ruptured anyeurism or mini-stroke or some other serious condition with the brain but the CT scan came back normal. It found none of those things. One night it got so bad that I went to the ER . I told him all my symptoms which I will try to list now: tingling, pressure, or itching in specific spots in the brain, stiff neck, feeling of tenderness in back of neck or in the brain, vertigo, light headedness, disorientation, happy-drunk feeling rarely, sometimes tingling or numbness in extremities though mild and rare, ringing and lessening of hearing, this is all primarily in the right side of my head, never in the left.  He told me that the next step was to see a Neurologist and possibly get an MRI. I'm waiting 2 months for my Neurologist appointment which I currently do not have the $260, also I owe $750 dollars to collections because I wasn't able to pay my cellphone bill because I wasn't able to work or find a job. All I wanted to do, was to get better so I could go back to work and move out and be independent so I wasn't costing anyone anything and I end up causing a worse problem. So my advice people if you aren't already going through this, do everything you can before taking one of these "psychiatric drugs" there is so much we really don't understand about what we are altering in the brain and everybody's body chemistry is unique. I don't know what  I did to my brain but I wish I hadn't and I would rather be as afraid as I was before then feeling this. At least I had my life, now I'm in fear for my life though I'm still here today. I've realized that you've got to live life as if you're going to live to a hundred whether you think you're going to die or not. You can't give up on the future because you don't think you have one. I know that's hard to accept but there is no other way but to give up in my opinion.
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Also, the doctor at the ER gave me a diagnosis sheet for - migraine headache. It fits a lot of the symptoms that I've explained, the numbness and tingling, the being located on one side of the head, and other symptoms. However, as most of you understand this isn't a normal "headache" feeling this is a different sensation like tingling, itching, burning, or just pressure like a book on your head. I've done some research into migraine headaches and there is a seratonin theory which would make sense in light of the fact that I was taking a medication that altered the function of the seratonin system. Also, as most of you realize, when we get feelings of anxiety or panic, and for me even anger it heightens or intensifies the symptoms. So to me that would also indicate that it's something that is neurological such as the seratonin system. I also like these ideas that have been shared about nerves and I've been doing some research into the central nervous system and about nerves. I hope to find some answers and I hope you do too. It is a very disheartening feeling when you don't know what's wrong with you. One of the guys on here has been suffering from something like this for 20 years, wow! I've barely had headaches or any sensations in my head in my life until this happening two months ago and continuing today. I just had a good week, 5 days I had barely any sensations at all, then yesterday and today I've had some bouts. The only thing that's helped me is to lay down on my back, no music, very little sound, and very little light, and try to go into a meditative state. Try to think as little as possible as that seems to intensify it and also to raise anxiety. Try to get your body to stop panicking and to relax by just letting go.. I know that's hard to do.. It's hard for me to do it especially as I have a good memory of things that happen to me in the past. If I find out anything from the Neurologist or if I find anything that helps alleviate this or if I find out anything helpful at all I'll post. But as of right now I keep  searching for an answer.
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i am so tired of weird head sensations being blamed on anxiety.  guess what folks we may be really feeling these symptoms.   they are real.  i have had multiple sclerosis for three decades and ---we with ms have these weird brain sensations, head pressure, light headedness etc. very often and  they can be very unpleasant and very scary.  go to a neurologist and  have some brain mris for a diagnosis.  the point is that i have these sensations and they are sympyomatic of my ms and if bad enough i get  scared and then anxious. hence the anxiety is not causing the weird sensations, the ms is. go get  tested for ms and other disorders like inner ear and vertigo.
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UPDATE: I know a lot of you are seeking answers for what is causing you the sensations with your head. I wish you luck on your quest. For me, I have finally found some answers or at least a starting point. After having waited for two-months for a Neurologist appointment (because it was ordered up as migraines - one of their lowest priorities) I finally went to see a Neurologist, in my opinion, a rather good one. She listened to my story about how I believe I had a bad reaction to Lexapro (an antidepressant; SSRI) and to all my symptoms I have been experienced. At first it seemed she was going to write it off as psychological but I quickly made the point that others had done that many times before and I strongly disagree with it. So, what she did is she ordered up 5 tests that she said would cover all areas of what it could be, "if there is something there, these will find it." I had already had a CT scan a month  ago that came back normal. The five tests were a blood test to check for diabetes, cancer, or any sort of thyroid problem, and I don't know what else, an MRI with dye that they inject in you, an MRA, an EKG, and an EEG. My blood test came back normal, blood sugar normal at 100. The MRI and MRA came back normal, good circulation in the brain, no tumor, no anyeurism, no hemmoraging. ( That was really great to hear as it was a major concern of mine.)  The EKG came back with some Tachycardia or "fast heart rate." Now here's the thing I was telling you about that is now my starting point. The EEG which senses electrical activity in the brain found that there was a neural artifact misfiring consistently in the right-frontal lobe. This confirmed my suspicions about the initial experience that I had back in early July where I had woken up and felt a pop in the right-front part of my brain then a tingling. So now I know I wasn't just imagining or dreaming that...  Many of the symptoms I described to you considered as a partial seizure, such as the, weakness, vertigo, unusual tastes or smells. And that type of seizure does not cause a change in consciousness according to this one website. A seizure is a charge of sudden electrical activity in the brain that affects a way a person feels or acts for a short time. This makes sense in light of what I had learned about the neural-misfiring from my EEG.  Another clue is the Tachycardia. Tachycardia often precedes a seizure and frequently persists throughout a seizure. "Epilepsy (from the Ancient Greek ἐπιληψία epilēpsía) is a common chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures.[1][2] These seizures are transient signs and/or symptoms of abnormal, excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain." (from wikkipedia article on "Epilepsy") This would all make sense in light of the fact that the Neurologist said that the misfiring was constant or consistent which could be construed as excessive. So, I don't know where to go from here. I am just going to continue my research and hopefully I will find more answers as to what really happened inside my brain to cause this change in me. The doctor prescribed me some medication for epilepsy. I'm not sure if I want to take it yet. I have to research that as well. I'm not just going to blindly take some medication again. No way after what happened to me with the Lexapro and Klonopin. I hope this article helps you on your quest to finding some answers and I definitely suggest, if you are having similar symptoms as me, to go see a Neurologist and ask to get an EEG done. You might find some surprising result as well. Good luck and Love. Ryan Brayton
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I am from South Africa, and have experienced all these feelings.  Dr Claire Weekes from Australia wrote a book called -  "Peace from Nervous Suffering".  I promise it will change your life, if you have stress and anxiety, and have suffered for a long time, please find the book, you will not be sorry.  
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I have been having these symptoms for a few yrs, i thought i would surely have a brain tumor or heart attack etc.  only the drs kept saying nope its just panick attacks this got me hooked on xanax (im now clean) drs throw these meds and get you hooked! be careful of benzos!!
Anyways I dont want anyone feel panic but if you havent had an mri plz do,
1 mth ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor it was actually a dermoid cyst and it has now ruptured! thats how they found it the pain was so severe after rupture i couldnt take it.
I havent had a chance to ask if its been the cause of the rest but (i think it is) the brain is a strange thing it can make us feel wierd things,
make sure your dr tests you fully  i have to have brain surgery next week so im scared but glad theres finally an answer for me!
good luck all
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