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Why do i get bad anxiety after i eat?

After i eat i usually get bad anxiety and some heart palpitations. I have been checked by a cardiologist and he says i am fine. This was a year ago. i am now pregnant and the anxiety is worse, i am taking zoloft and clonazepam and prenatal vitamins. I have been to the ER a few times already after i ate because i ended up having bad anxiety after.
wierdly i feel better after i have a BM, but the anxiety takes a while still and i get scared i am gonna die cause no one knows what is wrong with me! i had a stomach duodanum test and that was negative. Is there anyone like me and have any suggestions? Please and thank you!
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My health anxiety had originally stemmed from heart health.  You did the right thing by going to get checked out; now it is time to believe the results which is much easier said than done.  For me after a big meal and a couple of drinks I can feel all sorts of palpatations....probably because one, I am sensitized to feeling every little blip, burp, hiccup in the chest area and two, the body has to work hard to digest and process the food.  The same is true when we exercise, walk up a flight of stairs, etc.  The good thing.  You are ok, and it is a good thing that your heart works harder to process that food and get you up that flight of stairs.

Quite often, normal bodily functions and symptoms can become catastrophicsized in my opinion.  Throughout all of this, have you been to see a therapist?  If you have access to one, it is amazing how much a little knowledge can do for you when dealing with this....please keep us posted!!
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this is interesting that you get it after you eat! I usually cant eat if I'm feeling anxious. and then if i do eat it takes forever because it is soo hard for me to swallow because I feel i have a lump in my throat. the whole thing about feeling better have a BM is the same for me. According to what I have read and heard, anxiety is your bodies flight or fight reflex and a BM is our bodies way of preparing itself to fight or run. So if i get extremely anxious I usually have to run to the nearest bathroom. and trust me, I HATE IT. and i've noticed the more anxiety I have the more I noticed every little thing that goes on inside my body. So maybe try talking to a therapist. mine has really helped me!!
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Is it particular foods that cause this anxiety?  I have a panic disorder, and eating foods with high amounts of MSG in them cause panic attacks (heart palpitations, anxiety, shaking, nausea, etc).  It could be that you got anxious once when you ate something and now it is becoming a response.  
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Thank you to everyone who has responded, i do get panic attacks still from outta the blue too, i just hate when i get like this after i eat, and i can't tell if it is with certain foods but i get this way when i eat a lil more then i should and sometimes just when i eat not very much. so i find this very wierd! I have an appointment with a therapist on the 10th! so i am very happy for that! i try to stay away from MSG. and caffeine, only once in a while i will have caffeine, and wow i get caffeine sensitive!
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It is possible that you are having a cerebral reaction to a particular food (or even more than one).  Allergies effect different parts of the body.  And they can effect the brain.  Anxiety medication sounds like a good idea for you.  Not only would it help with the panic attacks, but it also helps allergic reactions.  You might get help after going on an antidepressant.  If not, get the book, "Is This Your Child" by Doris Rapp.  She was on Oprah once.  She should how children (and adults) can have emotional reactions to food.  There are food allergies and there are food sensitivities and both are tested and treated differently.  A traditional doctor will do allergy testing.  A holistic will do food sensitivity testing.  There is a guy who posted under the Gastroenterology forum who sounds just like you.  He said his reactions stopped when he stopped eating sugar of all kinds, including fruit and fruit juice.  You'll find out what food is causing your reactions, and then omit them.  Good Luck!
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I just realized your already on Zoloft.  Maybe you should try another drug, like Paxil and see if it works better.  I only say this because I know a girl with cerebral allergies and she got better after taking Paxil and Depakote.  Also, in the book I mentioned it should say the name of the test that Doris Rapp does.  Hopefully you can get it where you live.
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I get the same thing! I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in the past and I feel as if the same symptoms are returning! You should see if you have an endocrinologist in your area and make an appt with them to get your thyroid checked! If not checked, it could lead to serious health issues and even death!!!
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No no no hun please discontinue the zoloft it is not good for the health of your baby zoloft can cause birthdefects look it up online love do your research I know its hard I am 13 weeks but believe or not its not just about our health we have to focus on our little ones as well . Listen you can over come this . Anxiety is a mental thing that you canstop.  If you try your hardest I want you to take a look at my post and please hun if you need support I am here .
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I can relate to you.  After i eat, i also get bad anxiety.  i have to take my xanax to calm down.  i have had a virus to my heart, had an ecocardiogram, it was good.  gallbladder as good.  i have told my husband since he is a doctor that he is going to have to scope me, do an EGD, i have had a history of Bulimia, just hope i have not messed something up in my stomach.  if all that is ok, it will strictly be my anxiety, then i will deal with it.  i'm so glad i have found someone else that goes through this, i thought i was just crazy.  i would really like to stay intouch.  my email is ***@****, hope i hear from you.  take care.
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Wow sounds just like me! Haha im currently 29 weeks preggo and get short of breath..heart races and feel uptight after eating. I had it before i was pregnant also. I am on klotapin and a beta blocker for my high heart rate! ive had ALOT of test ran. I dont have any allergys. Some times medication during pregnancy are necessary...my doctor said not being on my medicine would be more harmful than to be on them! I hate people who freak out and just stop their meds and suffer. The chances of your baby having a birth defect is close to non. GL
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I am bipolar type 2, have been taking several meds already for anxiety butfor the past 3-4 months i've been getting extreme anxiety after i eat lunch, no matter what i eat.  I take ativan, which used to help when i would get anxiety attacks, but nothing helps with this and it lasts until my sleeping meds kick in at night.  My stomach shakes, really all of me shakes and i feel nauseous, my chest tightens and i feel awful.  I just had a physical and all my bloodwork came back normal.  It's definately terrible anxiety i'm feeling and it's almost every day after i eat lunch.  I see on different sites that others get anxiety after eating, but i only see answers suggesting digestive problems, but i feel this is totally anxiety related, not a digestive issue.  Anyone have any answers?
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Mines after any meal has anyone been able to figure thus out or diagnosed with anything?
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Whatever you do, do not try Paxil or anything to that effect.  Before you take that pill, talk to people who have done the same and now regret it.  They usually take you deeper into the abyss, and eat years if not decades off your life.

Anxiety is a clear indication of a "severe" malfunction in the body.  Your heart may seem okay on cauterization (Doppler) but, it is not an indication that it is functioning properly.  The same applies to all other organs in your body, and current western medical specialist are not trained beyond finding something which can be corrected by medication or which can removed/added with surgery.  A big shame!!!!  Blood works are not good measuring tools or de facto measurers to judge the condition of the body; hardly.

If you are feeling crippled by anxiety, that means your body is in severe need to have something redressed.  Try to find what it is.  Anxiety should not be labeled as something unimportant.  To the contrary.

Find doctors who sees anxiety through the prism of an indication of something much larger: an underlying cause to be rooted out.

Change your lifestyle.  File for disability if you are not feeling well 20% of the time and if you are being told repeatedly that you are not okay.

If you have anxiety, then you have a health related problem, which is not necessary mental.  The anxiety you feel will cause the mental aguish and not the other way around.
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Ive had some kind of virus that has caused me to be anxious after eating it has been going on for three weeks.  Im so tired of it.  Sleeplessness has been apart of it to.  Lost weight i have felt it was a parisite and had stool checked and all clear.  So very discouaged.. going to have to see another doctor to get to the bottom of it.  I hope
u get better soon

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You've posted on a very old thread.  You will get more replies if you start your own thread.  Use this link to do so:

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Stop eating all glutens see if that helps...ive had to give it uo do to panic attacks I had heart palps and shaking after eating the drs allt hink im crazy I did my own research and had a food allergy  test done it came back gluten sensitivity and also egg whites I would've never known I eat egss daily I had noticed after eating the eggs my belly would feel weird.But im willing to give it up to feel better!
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I get anxiety after every meal also and a bowel movement works for me also;)...Buspirone is not addictive and it works great for me. There is no side effects that should affect your baby if your pregnant, Try it, look it up, ask your doctor, google, do your research sweety... I refused any xanax, valium, etc.... They only made me worse... in the beginning I refused to take any medication but then I realized I couldn't do it alone on Teas and vitamins alone so I asked my doctor for medication that won't make me feel any way... To each his own, just remember you won't  die and that's why they're called panic attacks and anxiety, you will be ok... tell yourself that over and over again.. and remember to laugh a lot:) yoga exercise and read your Bible... THINK POSITIVE :)... remember you're not the only one in this world feels like this...do not feel alone
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Hi. My son was suffering from anxiety only after eating. I was told to bring him to a therapist and give him anxiety meds. I didn't like this answer, so I kept searching the internet and found someone saying that they also had it after eating and that it sounded crazy, but to try indigestion medicine. I figured Id try anything at this point, so I had him try eating 2 tums right before he ate and I swear to you that it worked! No more anxiety. We went to his doctor and told him and we are now going to be going to a gastrologist.
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I also get anxiety after I eat. I don't think you need drugs to help this problem. It's a blood sugar issue. Your blood sugar and insulin levels may change or spike after eating. Maybe take a look at your diet. Certain foods can trigger a panic attack or fight or flight symptoms. You are basically experiencing an Adrenal rush.
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I think you are right.  I think it's when I eat a lot of the high carbs and then I feel so full for a couple of days and I then can't breathe and feel like I have anxiety.
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If u have the prblem. I suggest u a medecine of homeopathic nux vomica30 u can use it. I hove u will recober.
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yes i  do! change your diet , eat everything as natural as possible   no sauces ,no processed food. here's a simple recipe, CONVERTED rice, cook pork then re-cook that pork with 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of soya sauce, warm all that evenly then add the rice. i cook rice 2xwater/rice ,olive oil (1teaspoon/cup of rice) 1 teaspoon salt in the water with the rice. i like to add fries (homemade) or just baked potato. dont eat too much. stay away from mayonaise,ketchup any kind of fat.  and junk food. make sure everything is fresh. been doing this for the past 2-3 months and i feel great, sleep like a baby.  it worked for me and i hope it works for you.
Just want to say, although this is an old post, what you're describing is far from a natural healthy diet.  Pork is not recommended by any nutritional expert, nor are french fries.  While eating them once in a while is up to you, nobody should make it a habit if healthy eating is what they're after (now, if you just like to eat and don't care about health, that's fine with me).  Honey is just adding a form of sugar to your supper -- we all want to save that for our fun eating.  Converted rice isn't very natural, either -- it's white rice that replaces some of the nutrients they took out of it when they took of the nutritious parts of brown rice.  This is certainly better than plain white rice nutrition-wise, but it's anything but natural.  Brown rice would be a better option.  As for sauces, if they are made with nutritious spices and leave out the bad stuff, it's just food.  Converted rice is processed food.  Soy sauce, for most people, is a confection.  Real soy sauce, called either tamari or shoyu depending on whether or not it has wheat in it, is fine.  But it's a sauce, folks.  Now, if this makes the poster above happy, fine, but recommending to to others what isn't actually healthful or natural might be better rethought.  Peace, all.
terrific! thanks for the info, we all strive to better ourselves. i will certainly look into perfecting certain components with my newly acquired knowledge. the thing is that sometimes something can work for some and not for others. like you would not recommend pork, fine but the idea is not to overeat. and another thing is that for example where i am there are certain foods that are not so available. time is also not very available to drive out of town to get exotic ingredients. i would recommend vegetables like tomatoes if only they tasted like tomatoes. sometimes we're stuck with what we got. nobody said you could'nt improve on my recipe or add your own touch. all i can say is that i feel for people who suffer from digestive disorders and if i can help only 1 person i think it's worth it. i think the bottom line is to keep it simple. pointing out all that appears negative to you from my post and disregarding the overall message is one sided to say  the least. but you are absolutely right, it is what is, some people cant afford to eat the best of the best. we're stuck with what's on the shelves. they somehow removed all canned spinach from grocery stores around here. weird isn't it. i switched to asparagus..it's not always a choice.  i would say don't drink tap water and then i would say don't drink from plastic bottle then i would say drink well water but not if it goes through pex pipes or old plumbing etc.. the list goes on and on. when everything is based on PROFIT it will never be perfect. thanks for the info since my new diet gave me time to breath and feel better i will have energy to find better ingredients, one step at a time makes a great walk. thanks
Didn't really mean to tell you to change, if this made you feel better.  I was really just saying what I said for others who might like your prescription for change but, starting from scratch, can make other choices.  If this made you less anxious, or feel better, maybe it's right for you, at least in the short term.  By the way, and this is going to sound really nit-picky, but tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable, and like most fruits are high in sugar and are very acidic.  I know, people are nuts for them, but did you know the people who lived with them originally didn't eat them because they're in a poisonous group of plants?  Eating well is hard and nobody really knows how to do it, we're better on how not to do it.  Frozen veggies are better than canned, if frozen fresh.  It's much more like eating fresh veggies.  Canned might contain a lot of added sodium or other additives as well.  One thing about cutting way down on meat is, gives you a lot more money to spend in the fresh produce aisle.  As far as exotic is concerned, if you live in the US, most everything is exotic as most of what we eat comes originally from other countries -- actually, other hemispheres.  But again, if this brought you back to a good life, my comments weren't meant for you, but for others.  Peace.
yes i knew about the tomatoes, i used it as an example of what kind of vegetables/fruit we typically get from regular grocery stores. i love those grown in my garden but since past few years i didn't have  time to make a garden. i intend to produce more of my own food in the near future. the cause of the anxiety for me came from the 'food' i ate. what happened is that i was eating way too much junk. when hot-dogs and fries start to look like a healthy meal it's because there's a problem. i mentioned converted rice to make sure people didn't go and use the 'minute rice' which for me will cause stomach burn or 'acid reflux' i stopped eating noodles, bread, anything with flour is a big NO because it gives me stomach burn. in my book any food that creates discomfort should be avoided. i will upgrade my ingredients with time but the main idea is you have to start somewhere. imagine a soldier eating rations everyday or a trucker and many other occupations that just make it impossible to go shop around for wholegrain rice and grain fed meat then you're stuck eating whatever is available. imagine a  prisoner asking for fresh salmon?  so you have to start somewhere. i'm sure there's a lot of people out there that feel miserable just because of what they  eat. another trick i found in the event of anxiety is a strong cup of black coffee, not the instant coffee, real coffee, drink it slowly and hot. to my surprise that helps. but it's in the past now i can tell you once you find what's doing those anxiety attacks and get on the right track you never  go  back. i can't believe how long i have suffered, wasted energy, sleepless nights..lost potential. there's important procedure to get the best out of life, not complicated but important first and foremost we have to put the best ourselves in charge of ourselves. but you need good fuel. i have a feeling that a lot of peoples misery is caused by what they eat. good output starts with good input. i went looking for 'why i get anxiety after i eat' because it was keywords that i forgot to use back when i had those attacks i was looking for 'upset stomach' and i stumbled on this forum and for some reason it felt easy to post a comment and i am glad i did. i am very happy you stopped by to comment. knowledge is meant to be shared. you actually steered me towards the next step. many great things will happen from this. long comment but wth, it's sunday. i wish you the best. keep it going.
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