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anxiety recovery

Hello, anyone out there had recover from anxiety? It's so discouraging, only hearing people suffering from all kinds of symptom, no one has ever win anxiety!!! Very sad and frustrating!!! Hope to hear some good news!!

Here I have alittle bit good news,but not sure does its works on everyone, recently I had try homeopathy treatment, although I am not fully recover but at least I don't feel so much panickly as before, maybe you guys could give a try,  it is natural and non-additive. You can also borrow Homeoptahy books which you could understand more, they had a wide range of natural medication which is helpful for mental or physical symptom.but It's is best to consult a Homeopathy doctor before you purchase any of the medication by yourself. My doctor had prescribe me Aconite which I could carry it all the time with me, I took it when I feel anxious, it will calm me down. It an SOS to me.
Hope it works on you guys!!!
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anxiety does get better, but it still comes when understress, i have been med free for over a year now, yes i get a little from time to time but nothing i cant deal with. i had it really back year ago. took klonopin just long enought for me to see the meds was helping i was not dying the drs were right, got off of it and feel good most days. it took me seeing the meds helped and it was just anxiety.
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I feel anxiety is like a switch: on or off. The 'off' position is guaranteed, but you don't always have the luxury of knowing when this will be. But I have faith that whenever it is 'on' that it is not permanent and I just need to wade through till it switches back. I have general anxiety disorder, so can't speak for others.
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yes it is its on and off, days worse than others , but thats the answer ,you have to ride the wave and get off when its over, i learn that, its not going to kill me and that it will end soon. i go on with my life and if bad i force myself to get out house go to mall walk around before i know it , its gone, if i had chest pains i would go outside cut grass see if it was really anxiety or heart attack, lucky justs anxiety. you have to work throught it , dont give up ,you will WIN.
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Like you I tried homepathy and it worked for me too, it took away the nervous, fire on the nerves, feeling and enabled me to reason with myself better.  I don't take meds and have got through 3 anxious phases in my life successfully.  The last one I am just coming out of (lasted 2 months), the one before that was 10 years ago, so not bad!

I think that it is very hard to see the end of the tunnel when you are smothered by anxiety, but my relief came by small accomplishments and as the last post said above, you do something, activity, to force you to come out of the spiral thoughts for a while and before you know it you forget about yourself.

The day I realized that I had it within my power to pull myself out of the anxiety is the day that the sun began to shine at the end of the tunnel, so yes it is possible to WIN!
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It is soooo good to hear that encouragement!!!!  But what is homepathy?  I think I could use some.  Anxiety is terrible...and you can only know that if you have walked the walk.  Today is not as bad as yesterday but would love to be free from it.  Nana
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Hi Nana,
Here's a link that will take you to Homeopath doctors who can tell you which homeopathic remedy to take.  The appointment with one of these doctors can take about 1 hour and they will ask you very precise questions so that they can get the right one for you.
There's a lot of controversy about this form of natural remedy, but I took my son (who was 2 years old at the time) to the doctor as no one had been able to find out what he was suffering from, he had hives all the time and it became serious.  After one hour with the docter he told me which remedy to use and my son was cured after just 3 days!  It works extremely well with children, therefore it's not "all in the mind".
http://nccam.nih.gov/health/homeopathy/ this is another site that tells you what homepathy is.
It's really worth trying and it has worked for me 3 times.
Good luck
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