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how to cure anxiety

i have horrible anxiety, its so bad that i cant even work outside my home, i do work from home jobs to make money and i dont make much at all i want to get back into the world but i just feel like i cant, anyone have any help for this.
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Hi......Are you on any medication for this?  If not, you need to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation and he can also refer you to the proper therapist.  The two of you will determine the best course of treatment for you.... medication and/or therapy. Therapy can be very useful but also a lengthy process. Medication has given many of us our lives back so keep an open mind with all of this.  There is help and you can feel so much better.  Sharing with us is a big first step, now take the next and see someone to help you.  I know it's hard and very scary but you can and must do this. Take back your life and no longer allow anxiety to rule your world.  I do wish you all the best and we're always here for you!!
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Hey with me I never let it win n I never fight it, when I can feel my anxiety attack building up that's when I do deep breathing exercise and the words I use is 'so what!' because I know my anxiety can't hurt me so it's like I kinda tell my  my brain n body that my anxiety is building up but so what!, what u gonna do! N think positive, I used to av all the typical stuff of anxiety especially the unwanted thoughts, I could manage the physical side to it but my mental side was a different story! I used to have unwanted thoughts n dwell on them for days! Not so much now but I'm quite proud of my self because I've had Zoloft in my cupboard for a couple of weeks what my doc gave me just in case of anxiety hits when my son was born and I'm happy that I've not touched them!
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I have suffered from the same problem for 8 months, and went to the hospital and they gave me a pill called Klonopin and it has worked magic for me, I have been able to go to stores and do all the things I couldn't do before, it has been great, I hope this helps
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i have the same issue, now work from home and really want to get back out but my fear of passing out keeps me grounded. I think Dizzeedavid is on the right track with the self talk. to so what, i start with what is so. i am getting out more and with less dread but have a ways to go. keep plugging, daily meditation, getting outside, reading Tolle, I feel like i am on the right track, good luck to you
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