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left arm pain and anxiety?

does anyone ever get some left arm pain with anxiety? when i get real stressed my arm will start bothering me. I have had a check up on my heart and everything is fine on that

just curious if anyone else has had problems?
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Hey Mark.
Welcome to the forum.

The list of physical symptoms with anxiety sufferers is almost endless!
And your pain, in the absence of any heart issues, is most likely linked to stress and anxiety. There may be some muscle spasm involvement, or perhaps some cervical nerve-C6-compression affecting your arm upon your muscles tightening up in anticipation of something negative.

Best thing to do is not give it any power.
I  made "friends" with my symptoms, before I could move on with my life!
As long as I considered my situation grave and my pain nasty, it's like I was giving them power to rule over me.
In my case it was excruciating back and chest "stabbing" pains.
I was scared to fall asleep some nights in case I would die from those pains, thinking that I could will the pain away if I stayed awake!
I know it makes no sense, but under such circumstances, what does?

So I dug deep for answers, I started doing meditation, seeking wisdom,
connecting with natural healers. This put me on the right path.
By eventually accepting my condition and the suffering that came with it, gradually, there was a shift toward regaining control of my life
-without a struggle, without force.

I learnt how to breathe properly (visit the normal breathing website for this),
perfected the art of meditation, quit all substances including all medications and OTC (not suggesting to anyone here to quit their anxiety meds, as this could be dangerous), started exercising daily, and paying attention to nutrition. Never looked back!

Now, it seems as if it all happened in a different lifetime,almost like a dream.

There are many things you can do!
Need some more info, let me know. You can pm me if you prefer.
Take care.

Thank you for this. Needed to read this.  
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hi there yes definitley sometimes its all down left arm up shoulder and into my jaw my arms in tingly its scary ive had ecg and 24 hr monitor got all clear from heart ive found keeping diary handy i write down my symptons each day so when i get them again i can look back and see was fine
good luck
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I would have to agree that anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms.  My original experience with anxiety came from my concerns with heart health as well.  Despite being given the all clear, I just 'knew' that they were missing something.  In my opinion, we tend to focus in on what we think is wrong with us and become 'supersensitized' to what we percieve as our problem areas.  In my experience, we can also tend to misinterpret our symptoms as something that is catastrophically wrong with us when in fact aches and pains are a normal part of life.  When I was going through this, felt every little pain, skipped beat, etc.  I still feel it, but I don't pay attention to it because I know that it is just my anxiety...I probably felt this before I even had my first panic attack.

Are you in any form of counseling for your anxiety?  For me, that was the most important step in dealing with it and confronting it.  Keep us posted
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Hi, I have had all this for 7 years. It effects everything, my marriage, being a good Mom, etc. I have tried counseling, emdr therapy, I currently go to a Chiro. She thinks I have adrenal fatigue. During my period it is the worst. Help! Thank you LT
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What happens to me feel like I'm constantly having a heart attack totally ***** I feel Ya pain hun
yes that's how I feel
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Hello, I read your response while I was searching for answers. I'm at a lost right now. I get some many different symptoms it's embarrassing. I went to the dr and everything is fine. I notice sometimes I'm fine back to my normal self then all of sudden I think, " hey haven't had any chest pain, or back pain or facial twitching" and like clock work a couple of hours later they start up.  I dont know what to do to fix it.  I don't know where to go.  All I know is that I have to do something.  I know it's anxiety but I don't know when I became this sensitive and anxious.  How do you make it stop.  
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Same thing happens to me all the time.. I feel normal and I think about the pain and it comes out of no where.. You are not alone..
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helo dear felows .whneva i gta sudn onset of anger or disapointmnt.. my lft arm sudnly strts aching.
also i shiver a lot wen i strt fighting with nyone on phone. plz help me.
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Hey, I'm in a similar situation. For the last three weeks I've been eating mainly fish, fruit and stuff with as little sugar or perservatives as possible. Also stopped drinking, smoking and drinking things with caffeine. I have to say yesterday and today is the best i've felt in a long time. I wouldn't say I feel 100% but definitely a lot clearer and brighter. There are a lot of good tips in this book,.. http://www.amazon.com/Cooking-Cure-nutritional-approach-depression/dp/1508568146
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I too suffer from anxiety and just 2 days ago (and thus happens only at night) my left arm started to hurt. It felt dull and achy, like I've been bowling all day or something. I want to believe it's just anxiety but I let it get the best of me. Everyone on here explaining the way they feel about heart attacks is exactly the way I feel all the time. I've done a stress test which came out normal. I've had many countless visits to the ER and everything was ok. Every doctor keeps telling me I have Acid reflux or GERD. Lord help me, because I don't know what else to think or do anymore.
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I went to A&E last week having suffered a dull ache in my left arm and a fluttering sensation in my chest. Had all the tests, ECG, bloods, heart scan and have since had an echo cardiogram, all of which have failed to find anything. I'm pretty sure this is linked to anxiety as I've been stressing about work and having trouble sleeping for weeks. At least I know my heart is in good shape!
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I have suffered from anxiety for years.i get really bad pain in my left arm, it aches first of all,then after a day of this I find my upper muscles especially in left arm hurt when using my arm,or touching the muscles.i am continuously out of breath too.im not over wieght and I do physical work,and as a mother of 4 always on the go. Counselling didn't help either.i didnt think anxiety could cause so many symptoms,I have even on two occasions briefly lost my sight.any one else had this? Tina.
I wonder can anxiety cause arm and leg pain? It is so annoying. I also cant move my jaw at times. It really makes you feel tired. I also have breathing problems sometimes. Are these happening to you as well?
Yes lost sight driving so scary
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