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tell me how do you feel right now?

i wake up in the morn with sweaty hands feet ,heart pounding and out of breath and my body feels like ****, like i have a cold or something feel all clamy,and after a while my back and chest aches and pains come on, and just make my anxiety wores
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I too wake up with severe anxiety. Usually the worst of the day. I feel sweaty, but shiver all at the same time. My feet are always sweaty, my arms are always tingling. I never had any problems waking up until my anxiety issues that started in December. My back and neck are usually stiff. The first time it happened I went to the ER and they did all the blood work for sugar and thyroid and all was ok. I kind of curious though, they say your blood sugar can go down at night while we sleep and eating upon rising is a good idea. But if I never had a problem with this until the anxiety could it still be the blood sugar. Or could it be that it is now a contributing factor.
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this morning i feel stressed over a stress/nuclear test am having tomorrow so want to chicken out again. but not sure if i will. heart feels ok but stressed lol. cant sit still legs go up and down as i sit shaking them. need go outside find something to do get my mind off tomorrow . have a great day.
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Hello, this sounds like it could be a hormonal problem ie adrenal, or thyroid. And of course the good ole female variety of hormones.

I do the wake up in a panic and it is from adrenal fatigue. I have not used anything for anxiety, because I want to cure the adrenal problem, not just mask it. Believe me, I know the pain and distress this causes, but it is much better to heal than to just manage a disease.

There is not much help from alopathic drs on adrenal fatigue so you can research and see if this sounds like your symptoms. One thing to search out is Licorice Root, among others.

I am seeing a Naturopathic. I hope you get some relief.
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