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I'm very tensed for my son......

I am from Bangladesh and my son is about 2 months 9 days old.

Situs : Solitus                                         Aortic arch : Left
Cardiac position : Levo                             Coronaries : Normal
A-V connection : Concordant                    P-V connection : Normal
V-A connection : Concordant                    IAS / IVS :  ASD 2 degree

M-Mode and 2-D Measurements (MM)

LVIDs  :  11                                          LVEF (%)   :  68
LVIDd   :  17                                         FS (%)       :  35


A large ASD 2 degree is seen, size - 4.5 mm with left to right shunt, non-restrictive. Superior rim -7 mm. Inferior rim - 7mm. Total IAS 18 mm. Mild TR noticed. PPG : 17 mmHg. Mildly dilated RA & RV. Intact IVS. No PDA or coarctation seen. No intracardiac mass or vegetation seen. Other chamber dimensions and wall motion normal. All valves and tracts are normal. No pericardial effusion is seen. Good biventricular function.

Comments  : Large ASD 2 degree
                    Mild TR

This echo report is done in the second month of his birth, and in his first month echo report has the same size ( 4.5 mm with mild pulmonary hypertension, and mild flow acceleration seen through RPA origin) and he was taking Digoxin (0.3 ml) and Frusemide 20mg and Spironolactone 20mg (1/8 of 1 tablet) for one month. After this, second echo has done which I've written above.

After the second echo done, the Dr prescribe me to continue only the Frusemide 20mg and Spironolactone 20mg (1/6 of 1 tablet) and omitted Digoxin, and asked to follow up after three months.

I Want To Know That : Will this ASD close by itself  ? And will I continue medication, or will I continue Digoxin ? is the omittion of Digoxin is ok, why the Doc omitted Digoxin?
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Our pediatric has prescribed 3 cardiac medicines. 1) Digoxine 2) Envas 2.5  3) Furoped.
Our pediatric cardiologist has asked to stop all cardiac medicine to my son who is having 12 mm ASD.  We had a second opinion of q doctor, he asked to continue with Furoped..
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have u done any report echo?what is the condition now?
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