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Doctors Appointment

I printed off my mood chart to take with me to the doctors today. The appointment went well and he was pleased that I took the chart in but he wants to see my journals as well.

What I wondered was does anyone else show their journals to their pdoc?
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Yes I do. In fact with the printed information here my neurologist had enough knowledge about the Zofran I now use for tardive dyskinesia now to prescribe it for me even though he was unfamiliar with it before. I also find have found it to be good as a mood stabilizer even though it hasn't been studied for that yet which my psychiatrist can confirm And because I speak about experimental treatments (glycine for schizoaffective) and conditions (tardive psychosis) I am in recovery for I make sure my psychiatrist reads the journals to know what I am writing is accurate. And in describing the specific experience of recovery as everyone does here he can better understand what I am personally going through and it saves office time. He appreciates it. Since this can be read from the web I let him know which journal entries are mine and he reads them off the internet. I can say for myself its been a long year. Not only obtaining treatment for tardive dyskinesia but a working mood stabilizer as well. And some of the information I obtained here and my neurologist is thankful for that.
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