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worry of meds/ combination effects

My brother is bipolar but the worst and out of control issue right now is terrible depression and grief/guilt after losing his baby over a year ago during childbirth. He is close to giving up on his life.No manic symptoms nor happiness for almost 2 yrs.
He was just taken off zyprexa and zoloft and was prescribed geodan and effexor along with the valium, buspar an ritalin he's also/already been taking. These meds together make little sense to me, seem to contradict each other, God knows the interaction and side effects to worry about.
He is all by himself across the country from home, no consistant mental health follow up.
My biggest concern is again, the validity of these meds together, and what the heck interactions to be looking for.

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i dont know about effexor but i take geodon and there are alot of symptoms they are throwing up, dizziness, warm sensations, twitches and if you miss your medications there are vibrations in the ears , weight gain may also accure geodon is a very strong medication but works well agianst hallusanations and voices it is made to stabilize the brains functions i take it with perphinezine helps prevent the throwing up and applifies the geodons efffects if you have problems with the geodons twitches you can take benadryl to calm it but it doesnt go away other symptoms are runny nose and in the begining of treatment you feel extremly happy if you miss you meds you also get a happy feeling its best not to miss it though due to the vibrations you feel i also took zyprxa was a good drug but had the side effect of weight gain to the point that i started having heart problems and also reduced emotions so people thought i was more depressed then i was sorry i dont know about the effexor though hope i helped
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