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zyprexa withdraw

My doctor suspected I was going to be psychotic becuase my boyfriend broke up with me while I was havely overworked. I had a panic reaction and my doctor gave me zyprexa. I used it for 3 months and I stopped cold turkey because I had uncontrolled movement of arms and legs. The worst withdrawal effects that I suffer from are extreme apathy and insomnia. I have seen posts from others that suffer from this as well, but untill now it doesn't get better and I get worried. Does anyone know how long the apathy and sleeping disorder will continue? Has anyone had the same for such a long period of time? Can anyone suggest what I should do? I have seen people start taking zyprexa again, but I would rather not take zyprexa again. Is there anyone out there that had the same apathy problems and was able to feel normal again? And how did you get better and how long did it take? Is there someone who had the same problems that stayed for more than two months and still got better?
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I have the exact same problems at which dose did you quit it ?
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