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Anemic or something else

I had blood work done before a biopsy. The only things that came back abnormal were related to my red blood cells. The red blood cell count was 5.12 (range 3.8-5.1), MCV 79.9 (range 80-100), MCH 25.5 (range 27-33), MCHC 31.9 (range 32-36) and RDW 17 (range 11-15). My ferritin, total iron and iron binding are all normal and my only other abnormal blood work is my liver enzymes being mildly elevated. Does this mean I'm anemic or something else? Thanks.  
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I associate "anemic" with low hemoglobin usually, I believe, associated with an iron deficiency.  I don't see anything in your report that says "anemic" to me... I am not a doctor, as the person who prescribed the blood test.

You should get an answer on what to do about the liver enzymes.
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