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Is it HB E beta thalassemia minor, major or intermedia?

Hi, I am from Bangladesh. My son's age is 1year and 4months. We conducted two tests which results are as follows:
Hb Electrophoresis test result:

Hb F   20.7%
Hb E  75.5%
Hb A2 3.80%

Mutation Testing for  β Thalassemia: Patient DNA was used to perform PCRs and DNA sequencing
tests to look for the presence or absence of mutations in the beta-globin (HBB) gene. Mutations in both
copies of this gene (homozygous) lead to development of the disease*.

Result: Presence of homozygous mutation c.79 G>A (Gly27Lys) in exon 1 of the HBB gene.
Interpretation:  Sequencing results reveal that the patient has  homozygous mutation c.79 G>A
(Gly27Lys) (HGMD Ref:  CM820002) in exon 1 of the  HBB gene. This is consistent with HbE or
Haemoglobin E.

What are the outcomes of these two tests? Please if anyone knows, response me
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