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Cat sneezing and has a watery eye

My 7 year old Female cat has been sneezing on and off for 2 weeks, and has had one watery eye for two days.  She is currently on clavamox.  There are no other symptoms.  She eats and plays normally and is up to date on all vaccines.  The vet did a complete blood work and only found the cats white blood cell count to be slightly elevated and her lungs sound clear.  She displays no other symptoms. What could this be?
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hi its very important to treat the immune system when there are URI issues. heres a link to info I posted yesterday, good luck and keep us updated.

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It is an upper respiratory infection which is a virus and may also be a bacterial infection (based on the elevated white blood cell count. Clavamox is an antibiotic that should take care of the secondary bacterial infection.  Was she tested for feline herpes?  This is very common in cats and typically not serious, but some cats who are herpes positive do tend to have periodic viral infections.
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