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11 month old daughter showing delays

my daughter lexi is 11 months old and a twin,she is showing signs of delays. first off she cant crawl stand or pull self up. she could sit but only when i put her in sitting  position she can army crawl a little and is very good at rolling over.i just got her to start putting weight on her legs and feet.her arms and legs seem to be a little stiff. could anyone help me understand,i have one lady that is saying cp but im not  sure.
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Hi.  Please don't panic just yet.  My daughter was 11 months before she crawled and nearly 20 months before she walked.  Some just take longer.  Doubt she would army crawl and roll over if she had CP? If she is holding her head up and using her hands to play with toys, I doubt there is little to worry about.  My daughter had traumatic birth with small bleed on brain at birth and we all worried about CP for ages, but she is physically fine - try to enjoy her and don't spend time worrying unnecessarily.  If you're still worried after her 1st birthday then take her for a review.  Best of luck.
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Sorry - my reply was supposed to say I doubt there is MUCH to worry about.....
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