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Expression of Breast Milk-Manually-By Hand (EBM)

Hi !

My babby is (male) 4 months old and i am working woman in India. Now, i have heard lots of about expressing breat milk, store it and use it for baby. I have resumed my duty back and just started to give manual-hand expressed breast milk. My office time is 8:30 to 17:00 hrs.I have some questions and would like to more about manual-hand expression.

(1) What is the best method for manual expression of breast milk, if it is convinient give some best website.

(2) Whether we can mix it with one time expressed with another expressed milk after 2-3 hours or is it ok to store separate

(3) In indian climate condition what is the best storage period

(4) What precautions to be taken during expression, storage and usage

(5) Any other tips.


Hope for the best solution

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Congratulations on your having a 4month old, A Breast Pump is the best thing to get they are a woderfully easy way to pump off your milk for Baby,In the US we have small plastic bags especially made for Breast milk that the Milk is poured into  after expressing, and then put into the Freezer to be given to Baby when its feed time.You would have to have a freezer at work to be able to keep it fresh if you expressed there,otherwise still express but unless you have an eager hungry Baby available, throw it away. Keep the Breast area and Pump very clean, there are mother and Baby sites here on Med help you may get further infromation there. Good Luck
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