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I need 504 plan help asap

        my 6 year old daughter has Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and sleep disorders, and some sensory issues as well.  I'm supposed to sit down with her school this commiong Tues May 5th to discuss having a 504 plan implemented for her and I don't even know where to begin.  Her anxiety, ODD, sensory issues and sleep problems have been about 60% under control with medication and I'd say her Tics, OCD, and ADHD are about 30-40% under control depending on the day.  Her symptoms differ from day to day and worsen with any sudden changes to her daily routine or environment, as well as stress, and we've also noticed that when she gets sick her sypmtoms go haywire.  The only rescources that I have been able to contact are the NH dept. of education, the Tourette Syndrome Association, and The parent Information Center.  None have them have been too helpful as of yet.  I've been told that I should request for her to be evaluated by the school department for special needs.  I still have no clue on how to write up a 504 plan and have little knowledge as to what would best accomodate my childs needs.  I've already had a few run ins with my daughters school this year.  I called for 3 weeks straight requesting the guidance counseler to call me back when I noticed my daughters grades dropping and It took for me to write a nasty letter to the school principal to get a return phone call.  I don't want to go into this meeting blind.  If anyone out there has gone through this, can you please help me?
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If you have her evaluated they will know what she needs in her 504 plan....The school Child Study Team get the reports they come with what she will need....best of luck
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Hi, I understand your concerns. My daughter just had a 504 plan implemented for the next school year. In my meeting my daughters teacher was there and she had a lot of suggestions based on what she sees in the class room. My daughter has  a sleeping issue that was brought on by a brain tumor. Basically for that the plan is if my daughter falls asleep or does not finish her work she will have a extra day to do it or she can take it home, that depends on the teacher. We also have a my daughter gets to leave class 7 mintues early to get to her other class. She has permission to use the elevator. These are basically going to be guideline thats every teacher is going to have to follow. On test's my daughter will get extra time even if it's a state issued test. She can have someone fill in the bubbles for her if she needs to.
You can also have it changed. Remember your are in charge. Don't just think they knew your child from seeing her a few hours a day. If I were you before the meeting I would just start writting down ideas that may help your daughter in school. If you have a problem go straight to the board of education. They can do anything you need them to do. My daughter also has motor issues and just doesn't have the power to be carrying all the books back and forth to class. We are to have a set of books at home and she will have a set in the classroom. And foremost do to the board of education. They have to help it's the law. Lots of luck and remember your in charge.
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