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Is her behavior normal?

My daughter was 1lb 7oz @ birth. She is now 8 and has managed to outgrow me and her 11 year old sister. My issue with her is that she eats around the clock! There are heart issues that run through her father's side of the family. I encourage her to eat healthy. She loves her ice cream and I have switched it to yogurt. Her doctor has her on a daily stool softener to help regulate her BM. I was informed that she has the potential to be over 6' because of how tall her dad is. Should I be concerned about her growth and eating? My wallet is really suffering right now. I try explaining to her about over eating but, because she is severely developmentally delay, she does not understand.
Is your child male or female? :   Female
What is your child's age? :   8
What is your child's height? :   5'1"
What is your child's weight (kgs or lbs) :   107
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Hi there,

My son is also 8 and weighs 105 lbs.  He eats constantly but he does because he has oral sensory issues.  Does your daughter receive any physical or occupational therapy through school?  An occupational therapist can help with things that alleviate the oral sensory issues.  One thing you can do is give her something else to chew on (a teething ring, a chew toy, gum) to see if that helps. Even ice is good.

One thing I have tried really hard to do is not have junk food in the house because he has no impulse control (he too was premature and has autism and ADHD).  

Her diet will cause her to be constipated which is likely why she needs a stool softener.  

Hope that helps!  Good luck!
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Are you serious?...lol. I have been asked by several teachers and doctors abot her seeing an occupational therapist! Not related to her eating but, other developmental issues. It's funny you say that because she does have sensory issues. When she was in NICU it was always quiet so now she acts out when she hears loud noises. We got put out of the circus, the movies,...etc. When she was in the incubator, she just slept with a t-shirt and a diaper; even now she will not sleep with any clothing below the waist. I'm so glad that you said that. I will be getting her an appointment quick. Thank you so much!
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