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PDD/Mood Disorder/ADHD/CP 6 year old boy

Is there anyone out there that has a child that has PDD-NOS/ADHD/Mood Disorder-NOS/mild CP/Communications Disorder?  Also taking meds to help with some of the aggression?  Would be nice to not feel alone.  Our son has spent almost half of his 6 year old life in and out of psychiatric hospitals to be monitored.  Don't think they know anymore than we do.  Nothing has changed. He takes Depakote for seizure/strattera for adhd and clonidine to help him sleep.  His fits consist of hitting/kicking/hitting or pinching himself/banging head on something/trying to hurt us, then we have to hold him and talk calmly to him until he is done.  He goes to special school/has an IEP/therapists/psychiatrists/in-home therapy and thru all this stress we go see a psychiatrist too.  God has given us a very, very challenging child.  He can be very loving, but also turn into a mean child.
thanks for listening

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Just pray and extend your patience, keep on talking to him good things and what are those that isn't good to do. Give him examples of consequences that will happen with bad actions, and don't forget to tell him that you love him so much that you do no want him to take consequences in the future
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Thanks!  We do tell him all the time we love him, even when he is in a fit.
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Wow, if we aren't in the same boat.  I as a grandmother have been faced with the same challenge as you when it comes to my 5 yr old grandson..  We have been down the road as well.  We only have our grandson on rispadal and it seems to be working.  No more head banging and very little self infliction. Please read mine as well. WsueB
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I personally understand how it feels to have people tell you to try and stay positive my only strength comes from my faith in God.  I keep focused and driven because he is my grandson and I will fight for him for as long as I live.  I know a lot of things children like this do not understand and they do not choose this disorder.  So dicipline and order is tough to say the least.  I just try to keep strong and I know our medical professionals and our goverment are failing us. We have also have associated his MMR shot with his out of the blue after 2 yrs of age off the hook behavior. I wonder if your son was a somewhat "normal" child prior to his MMR shots?  Do some research online about that you would be amazed at how many people are going through what we are with drs telling us our kids have "mood disorders"  My grandson does not have a mood disorder he has a something malfunctioning in his brain that he is in no control of period.. It kills me inside but by the grace of God we must go on...  My prayers are with you
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Hi there! *points to my profile*

I am ASD with the  PDD NOS label. Does it get much better than that? I don't know. That's a matter of opinion I guess.

You're not alone!  Please go to my profile. I have written some journals about some of the things that trigger agression with me as well as possible solutions to try.

And by the way my dad and I are community leaders of the autism and aspergers forum. Please drop by and visit us. Both dad and I are more than willing to help in what ways we can.

I think in the mean time I'll repost some of the health pages I posted in the autism/aspergers forum.
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It is hard parent a child with pdd,adhd,sensory  seeker.We  got trying. We are  child voices. They ask to  be  born this way. I know day we wont  to give but we can not. there need to be a lot help in the world for children.
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You are always welcome over on the autism forum as well.
Regarding his behaviour, does your son have any sensory differences.  Is he oversensitive to touch, sound, smell, taste etc or is he undersensitive eg. appears deaf, doesn't feel pain, makes alot of noise, etc.  What is his balance and co-ordination like?
Can he multi-task eg. could he play a computer game by himself?
Does he seem to want to do something then when he starts he throws a fit because he cant do it, and then when made to stop throws a fit again about not being allowed to do the thing he wanted?  So it appears as if he is in conflict with himself.  Eg. my son loves to go into the loft with his dad.  But as soon as he starts climbing the ladder he starts screaming to come down.  As soon as we get him down he starts screaming to go up in the loft again.  Does that behaviour sound familiar?  The reason I found for this particular behaviour was because my son wanted to go into the loft, but as soon as his feet leave the floor he loses perception of where his body is and it makes him scared because it feels like he is falling so he screams to come down.  But when we take him off the ladder, of course he screams again because he really does want to go into the loft with his dad.
Post back with whether sensory stuff might be an issue and if it is i'll post with more information.
Frustration at communication is also a big factor.  Has your son been assessed so that you know his cognitive ability on non-verbal testing?  This will give you an idea of at what level he is functioning.  If he is intelligent and cannot communicate that is going to cause alot of problems out of sheer frustration combined with the autism side.  How does he communicate at the moment and what is his speech disorder?
I am not an advocate of dietry intervention, but in cases of extreme behaviour it might be worth trying to exclude casein (all dairy products) for a couple of weeks.  Casein leaves the body relatively quickly.  If that has no effect then reintroduce it and try taking out glutein.  Glutein takes longer to leave the body, but you should see differences within a couple of months if it is going to have any effect.  Take doctors advice on this especially if your child is a fussy eater.  (But being a fussy eater is also a sensory issue).
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time.  If any of the above makes sense or helps with behaviours then you might even be able to look at reducing medication.  
I'm not being judgemental because in some cases there is no other alternative, but it is very worrying the side effects that these medications can have.  Are the medications he is taking working?  Because it also sounds like he is on alot of medication and you are still having severe behavioural problems?
What is your son like without medication?
My son is high functioning autistic and is verbal.  He tells me that when he gets upset by something he is totally flooded and overwhelmed by the emotions and he cannot stop it or bring it under control.  A doctor explained to me that our emotions are like the water that is contained within the bath by a shower screen.  In autistic children/adults the shower screen isn't there so the water goes all over the bathroom.  He said that in brain scans you can see that children/adults with autism are affected in different areas of the brain and to a larger extent of the brain when they demonstrate emotional behaviour/tantrums.  When your child is like that, you know yourself that nothing really helps and you just have to ride it out.  But if your child does have sensory issues then just sitting calmly with him might work better than talking to him or touching him as that is added sensory stimulus.  Once the storm has passed you can talk again, and if possible ask him what made him angry/sad etc.
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Hi, I read your post and feel like I can respond to you.  We are in a similar situation with our 5 yr old daughter.  She is PDD-NOS, Sensory Processing Disorder, ASD, Anxiety Disorder, and Mood Disorder.  argh!
She is now on a low dose of celexa for anxiety and risperdone for anger/aggression.
Please, anyone reading this   OuDO NOT SEND ANY POSTS ABOUT THE DANGERS OF MEDICATING YOUNGER CHILDREN.  The decision is not an easy one and nobody wants to put their kids on meds.  The truth is, OT, counseling, play therapy, etc..therapies do not always work or even help much.  Our daughter has had all of the therapies you can name and nothing has helped as much as the medication.  The psychatirst said it is amazing when we get the medicine we need in our brains how we can succeed after seeing the change i n our daughter.  And, there is some thought that "Fixing" the chemical imbalance in the brain early on might just allow the brain to "learn"" what is the right chemical balance.
And, we also noticed this happen after the MMR.
I just wanted to say that you are not alone and I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this.  I hope things get better for your family soon.
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I am a single parent to a 10-yr old son that has PDD, ASD, Anxiety, moods, moderate mental retardation, apraxia of speech, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and, the MD is checking for Prader-Willie Syndrome.

We tried some medications but, at this time, my son is unmedicated.  We love him, try to be patient, provide him with his much-needed structure, and just do the best that we can.  

We have relied heavily on www.beyondconsequences.com for parenting and support.  It also helps that I am a clinical therapist but, sometimes, when it's your own, you need additional outside support including social services (respite), church communities, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

God bless and I hope that things will improve for you.
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I have an 8 year old son that was born 3 months early. Now he has developmental delays and adhd. we just found out last week that he has severe pdd. we have never been through anything like this and was wondering if anyone could tell us whats in store down the road and does it get any better.
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Been a long time since i have posted, sorry.  Our son which is now almost 9 is currently again in a psychiatric hospital for agression.  His updated diagnosis is PDD-NOS, Bipolar-nos(which this new doctor does not believe just because he has mood swings) and Psychosis-Nos is a new one.  Because our son "plotted" to take a knife to school to kill the teacher for timing him out and kill a kid that teased him.   As he gets older he is getting worse and Psychiatrists can't seem to get the right combination of medicine to help the symptoms of aggression and impulsiveness.  He is a high functioning autistic.  But the behaviors have given him a label from special school of emotionally disturbed and intectually disabled.  He is on kindergarden level.  Its sad.  He has tons of therapies in-home, special school setting with an IEP.  The whole works.  We have been trying to get him the RIGHT doctor that wont give up on him and say again "he is too complex".   Our child is also a very loving, kind child when he wants.  He use to have a lot of sensory issues and balance issues.  He has come a long way with all that.  Just doesnt like water on his face.  So washing hair can be bad at times.  He use to see "chucky" (never has seen the movie), but that issue is over.  He tries to stab kids or staff at school with pencil when aggravated.  What will happen if he ever impales anyone bad just scares us to death.  He cant even join cub scouts because he is so unpredictable with agression as to what might set him off.   He is like a rollercoaster.  Great day, a horrible day, then inbetween and go way up or way down.  He cant keep friends because his social skills make him say inappropriate things at times.  We work 24/7 to help this little boy and am frustrated now.  Hospital even mentioned there is a residential school......... I said NOWAY.  Its the doctors JOB TO GET HIM STABLE.   Lots of medicines did nothing for him or make him worse.  He was a 7 week premature baby that had lack of oxygen for hours because of the staff.  It was a tramadic birth for both of us.  But his weight at birth was just fine.  He never met the "normal" mile stones and had to have braces to correct his walk cause he fell ALOT when he was young.      ANY INPUT ON ANY OF THIS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.    THANKS!
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my son is 12yrs old and has been in counseling,therapy,psychaitry e.t.c you name it his most recent diagnosis is adhd/mood disorders. when given adhd medications it seems to intensify his moods ughh! he has taken risperdal and now is on guanfacine. As recent as a few days ago his mood was triggered by a minut disagreement with his brother. as always it is always something very small and what would be an "easy fix", turned into a call to police because he flipped out, out of control  rage and then a trip to the children's psychiatric unit which of course he was released because he does not fit their "criteria". his rages are impulsive and so out of control it's very scarry its like he is not there and you cant reach him.He has pulled knives on his brother uncontrolable cussing he has tried to hurt himself a few years ago i found him trying to hang himself in the closet. This does not seem to raise flags to his many therapists e.t.c. When he is not mood swinging he seems like a normal kid? does anyone have any idea what i am talking about? or have a similar like child? what is the answer?
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