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a 7 year old girl is not speaking if full sentences please help !!!!

Morning i wonder if anyone can please help. a friend of mine has a seven year old that does not complete her sentences when she speaks. She will be going to grade 2 next year, but because her farther is deaf she does not complete her sentences when speaking to him so he can read her lips. she therefore does the same thing at school and when speaking to her friends. It is becoming a concern for the school and they suggested that the 7 year old goes for speech therapy. She can speak in full sentences when reminded but 90% of the time does not because it is easier for her dad to understand. How can she get her daughter to speak in full sentences all the time and not leave words out.
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Well, that is how deaf people speak to each other, for sure.  They don't use full sentences as you or I would consider them, it sounds more abbreviated to a hearing-enabled person, because we blabber on and have lots of filler in our language when we do it verbally.  It sounds like the child has picked up her language from her dad.  Does the school think she can't hear, or that she can't form words?  Or is the speech therapy suggestion just so she will get some clues about how to talk to other kids and won't be ostracized?  A speech therapist would be able to tell in about a minute if there is a problem for this girl or not.
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