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I found out recently that i contracted chlamydia from someone else. I have a steady partner that i have been with a while and have had sex with him since the incident. The sex was protected with condoms on every occasion, but we both give and recieved oral. Is it likely that i have given it to him from this?

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No not likely but it is always recommended that partners test or at the very least treat.
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Thanks Vance...also, I am on my 5th day of treatment (took antiboitics 5 days ago) to cure it. My partner is waiting for the results of his to see if i ma have given it to him. I performed oral on him tonight and he used his hand on me.we were very careful not to touch or pass fluids back and forth. If his results come back negative ill be fine. But if they come back positive could i have become reinfected by these incidents tonight? Or very unlikely?

Thanks again
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Not likely from oral sex, and no risk from being masterbated.
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