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burning sensation

hello doctor,
i myself am doctor(29 male) but not urologist..i have symptoms of uti after defecation..let me explain...after i pass bowel movements...afer 5 min..i will have irritation in my penis and i may have urge to urinate again...after sometime (20 min approx) it will go away by itself...when i do go to pass urine it may be 30 ml..sometimes after masterbation also similar symptoms arise....
i have done USG(KUB) and had done routine urine examination,urine culture,semen culture,prostatic fluid massage in 2004, and elisa for hiv(which was negative)in 2005 then urine flow cytometry.

it all started in 2004 march..i had sex with my girl friend..then first time in my life i did an anal sex with my girlfriend...then i got symptoms of uti...i took tmp-smz without testing urine(routine or culture)....symptoms persisted...so when ever i felt the urge to void i used to masterbate.

then symptoms disappeared for some time...then i had an episode of diarhhea...and symptoms came back again..i went to a urologist...he said that it must be either chlamydia or gonorrhea...he gave me ceftriaxone im and azithro....
symptoms still persisted..then i went to other urologist...he put me gatifloxacin for 14 days...he said could be due to prosatitis....still symptoms did not go...he gave me roliten(anticholinergic)..symptoms worsened..rather i had severe constipation...i stopped that.then i went to other urologist..he did a prostatic massage for prostatic fluid culture but it also came negative..i stopped seeing urologist and had symptoms on and off...Now in 2008 i went to urologist who asked me to go for cytometry.,mid-stream urinalysis and urine culture no growth seen .and semen culture(normal urethral organisms)..he said report is ok...he gave me alfulozosin(alpha1a blocker)...for 6 weeks,still i did not notice any much change..

from 2004 till today had 2 partners..always used condoms..

since that time till today my symptoms start on and off....

i will be very thankful to u if you could help me out....

thanks and regards

dr stephen
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Just a thought here. After your anal sex your prostatitis may have been caused by an anaerobic bacteria not responsive to the antibiotics you have already taken. These are sensitive to the penicillins, clindamycin or Primaxin. Bacteroides species also responds to metranidazole.  Standard culture techniques would have failed to pick these up.
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This isn't the doctor's forum.  To post to a doc, see the Related Expert Forums on the right side of this page.

You might also google chronic pelvic pain in men.  There is a pretty good article on Wiki about it, too.


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