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small blisters and bumps on hands/palms

I have been getting these small red bumps, /blisters on my palms and fingers for about 8 years now off and on. they hurt When they are touched directly. Other wise no symptoms...such as itching or pain. The blisters appear to have a very small dot in the center. They never pop. They are there for a while and then go away with out leaving a mark. I started getting these at the end of march. they appear on my palms and fingers, sometimes in a cluster or sometimes alone. They can last 2-3 days or for weeks. It seems that as soon as one or two go away, more pop up. the appear on both hands and in different places on both hands. I have been told by a dr. that it is dyshidrotic eczema, and told just to put hand cream on. The cream seems to make them worse as does getting them wet.
coul this be herpes? I do not get them anywhere on my body. Is it possible to get HSV2 on your hands only and is it possible to spread it to both hands. the blistrers do appear randomly during each episode. They can then go away for months at a time and then just come back out of nowhere.

How long does a herpes out break last and if so Could you keep getting out breaks that last a month like this?
Freaked out! Any ideas?  
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A few days ago,  hundreds of tiny, pin -***** size blisters appeared on my hands and feet, the doctor tells me that the other thing it could be is ID Dermatitis, which is where your body has an allergic reaction to a fungal infection. Check between your toes and if you have tinea/athletes foot, the bumps could go away when you fix that problem. Having said that, my hands and feet have been like this for 5 days now and no cortico-steroid or anti fungal cream has worked so far....
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