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strange itchy rash

This story has a lengthy history.

About a month ago my wife and I started to notice that we would wake up with a few small itchy bumps, like tiny blisters.  When scratched the skin would break and make a small scab.  At first we thought maybe they were flea bites from our dogs.  Our daughter got a bunch on her legs then all of them went away.  About the same time our daughter got a redened area around her mouth.  We took her to the doctor with no real results.  We applied vasoline for several weeks and the area finally faded almost to where you can't see it but its still there.  Then I began to get the dots again along with a red puffy eye.  within a few days the itchy spots began to take over my body and my scrotum and penis became red, itchy and puffy like my eye.  My wife got itchy spots and blisters all over her body.  and then finally our daughter started to get them again.  Through my research the closest thing it looked like was scabies.  Went to the doctor and he agreed that it was most likely scabies.  We treated ourselves with permethrin cream as directed.  I also washed all bedding and towels as well as wrapped all household fabrics and furniture in plastic.  This was 4 days ago.  After the treatment the swelling and irritation to my eye, penis and scrotum went away and was left with some dry skin there which I treated with moisturizing cream.  I developed new areas of itchyness the next day after treatment mostly on my hands and some on my belly.  Today I noticed my daughter had some more spots on her hands as well as an area at her eye level on her hair line.  I also noticed that she had a hicky type mark on her neck although smaller.  It is a dark red that does not fade after touched.  I was told that with scabies you will not get any new areas after a few days from the treatment.  My wife who is prone to poision ivy says that her itchy areas look just like poison ivy to her.  All of our itcy areas look the same as raised blistery itchy areas.  

Do you think this is scabies?

If not what does it sound like?

A few weeks before the first episodes that went away I got a new detergent.
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This could be scabies and probably you would need a retreatment for this. You should consult a skin specialist for your symptoms.

'Apply the medication to a clean body from the neck down to the toes. After leaving the medication on the body for the recommended time, take a bath or shower to wash off the cream or lotion.

Put on clean clothes. All clothes, bedding, and towels used by the infested person during the 3 days before treatment should be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer.

A second treatment of the body with the same cream or lotion may be necessary. '

You could read more about this at the following links -




Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.


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