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Side effects of too much progesterone.

Hello. I am a 37 year old personal trainer and I have been suffering from adenomyosis my whole life. 4 years ago I started using a natural progesterone cream. I used it for 6 months and then I stopped because it caused me depression. The pain because of adenomyosis almost stopped but progesterone caused me terrible side effects.The major problem is that I suffer from terrible insomnia until today (before progesterone I never suffered from insomnia). I also have prolonged periods and spotting. Once I had my period for 3 months and started homeopathy which helped this problem A LOT. I also had terrible acne (first time in my life) but fortunately it stoppded 9 months ago. My question is how can I detox my body from the excess progesterone? I regret using progesterone, it's the worst thing I ever did to my body. PLEASE HELP!  I want to wash the progesterone out of my body. And the worst thing I did was that I used the progesterone oil on areas of my body with fat like my breasts and I'm afraid it will stay there forever.
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Talk to an ob-gyn about the effects of progesterone.  Self-diagnosis won't help.
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Thank you for your answer. I already talked to my ob-gyn but he says that progesterone doesn't have side effects. I don't belive him because I know myself better than he does. I'm just looking for a way to get rid of excess progesterone in my body. I also suffer from hair loss because of progesterone. I used to have thick curly hair but I literally lost half of my hair. I sometimes hate myself for all the problems I have.
O agree with you on this . I began progesterone 200 mg and I have been dealing with a sweetish horrible taste and smell. It's lingering and GYN is saying it's not the progesterone but it didn't begin until I started this **** and I have been waking up vomiting in my sleep . She's advised me to keep taking it .  I will not !!  She wouldn't redo labs to check levels . I feel like I have an overload and it's horrible . We know our bodies better than anyone . I hate no it all Drs / staff , etc . I Wish u luck man and please pray we both feel better soon
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Find another doctor, one who specializes in women's hormones, possibly an RE.  Mine would never have agreed that women don't have symptoms when on progesterone.  
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For what it is worth, when I was on progesterone to support pregnancy, I needed a shot per day because it leaves the body so fast.  You might have peripheral or collateral damage going on (from having taken it) but it might be gone in the high numbers by now.  If you do find a helpful doc, have a progesterone blood test done, and work it out from there.
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Just wondering how you are doing now?
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If your hair is falling out.. you should get a full blood work done.. it maybe your thyroid which controls your sex glands.. You could be Hypo Thyroid.

I was diagnosed hair falling out periods stopped all the usual hell with hormones..  
TSH should really be 2- 2.5 they say your healthy up to 5 but its usually not the case if you have the symptoms..  
Get your T3 checked and T4 this is the stuff that converts T4 To T3 that gets into your cell from your thyroid and regulates the sex hormones, ovulation.. ... If this is not right your hormones will never be right.. You need this to get pregnant same with iron needs to be checked too must be up past 40 at least..
T3- should be between 3.5-4.2 if it below this.. its not going into your cell and this causes your hair to fall out.. Symptoms of Hypo- Insomnia,chronic fatigue, weight gain, bloating, hair loss, depression, dry skin, feeling off... inflammation..  your cells are starving..  your Thyroid is the source alot of the time to any of these problems.. get that right you get your hormones right.  
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It would seem like we should do the opposite of lowering the estrogen...   by eating meat and sugar, less veg and drink milk
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It would seem like we should do the opposite of lowering the estrogen...   by eating meat and sugar, less veg and drink milk
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