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Too Early ... But guesstimating

I think I have endometriosis.

I had a real hard time getting and staying pregnant with my son in 2008. The last two years, I have had what I and the doctor thought was reoccurring bladder infections. Sometimes when they were sent off they would come back positive but most times it wouldn't. Before my son, I was on depo provera for almost 8.5 years. Which I think has masked my condition. I had essure done after my son was born cause I knew that I was done having kids.

I have been keeping track of my symptoms for about the last year. Thinking that there must be something triggering what I thought were bladder infections. I have had two ultrasounds in the last year, a CT scan with "resonance chemical" (don't remember what it is actually called), treated for a bacterial infection just in case, and have been tested for STD's (which would have ended in one dead husband, seeing as we have now been married 10 years). All the tests are coming back clear with a few minor oddities. So I have been able to narrow the issues to coinciding with my cycle. My next appointment is with an OB that deals with interstitial cystitis and endometriosis. Apparently the symptoms are quite similar.

I'm not looking for a medical diagnosis, but rather to meet others who are going through or are starting the process of elimination like me.

I have extreme pelvic pain that seems to start about 7-10 days after my period and crescendos to almost unbearable until my period is over. This pain radiates into my back which is where I have always felt my menstrual cramps and even my labor pains). The pain has caused me to stop running because it just seems to make the pain worse and as a result, I have gained almost 40 lbs in the last year. prior to which, i ran half marathons, 5k's, and 10k's and Lord knows I miss it alot. My last Pap smear was normal but showed "signs of inflammation". My ultrasound was clear with a side note both times of liquid in my uterus. I feel like I am constantly wet with a sweet smelling clear discharge that has been tested and is not yeast infection or bacterial infection but I am positive is what ever liquid that is showing on the ultrasounds. Constantly fatigued and I'm sure that a lot of that is my inactivity. The kicker endometriosis runs in my family. My mother had a DNC and ablation. And my sister was diagnosed when she went to have her tubes tied, they removed the right Fallopian tube and ovary.

I'm frustrated with the amount of time that is taking to find a diagnosis and get some relief. I am taking tramadol but it just takes the edge off. I don't handle pain meds well so I don't want to take anything stronger. It's enough to power through but enough for full relief. So right now is a waiting game my appointment with the new OB is April 17th... Seems like ages from now...
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It sounds like it could be Endometriosis. The only way to know for sure is through a lap. Your right the depot probably masked your condition.

I found that after I had my daughter I got worse.

You bladder symptoms could be IC or could be endo or scar tissue aggravating your bladder and or ureters.

Endometriosis is said to be hereditary and it is when it comes to my family on my mothers side. Father side is fibroids which I don't have which also puts you at a higher risk for Adenomyosis.

You could just have one thing going on or a variety of things.

I would try to find an Endo specialist to do your surgery not just a regular gyno as they have more knowledge when it comes to this disease,.
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