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Can't stop loud belching

I'm 31 have had hep c for more than 10 years. The only treatment I've taken is lactalose for my high ammonia levels. I don't have insurance or the money to go to doctors.  I have for the past year belched uncontrollably and loudly.  It's got worse and more frequently to have become a consistent part of everyday whether I've eaten or drank anything including water. Please help!!! The pressure is so great I have to open my mouth to burp sometimes to the point of having to stand up with arms raised over head. It's just recently caused me to feel nauseated and bile comes up.
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The only treatment I've taken is lactalose for my high ammonia levels

Just to be clear Lactulose is not treatment for Hepatitis C. The way that statement is phrased it is a little unclear what you mean.

Waiting for my new tires to get installed and I wondered over here.
I strongly encourage you to repost your question in the Hepatitis C Community as it is unlikely to get a decent response in this forum.


Are you certain you have Hepatitis C?
What stage of fibrosis are you and what is your genotype?

What you describe might or very well might not be a side effect of Lactulose:
What are the Side Effects of Lactulose?

    Side effects may include:
        Gas; feeling bloated
        Abdominal discomfort
        Dehydration (severe loss of water/fluids from your body)

I actually do not know much about Hepatic Encephalopathy but there are many on the HCV Forum as well as the Cirrhosis Forum who do


On a possibly unrelated note I at one time suffered from terrible acid reflux or GERD and what you describe sounds very similar to that. Especially the pressure. The burp is especially telling and sometimes it would burn coming back up but not always. It can't always be managed by diet and lifestyle changes. In the beginning it might be necessary to intervene with an H2 Blocker, a PPI and under some circumstances maybe even both.

I hesitate to recommend such a thing without knowing more about your overall health however.


As you can see there are several possibilities and it is impossible to tell based on such scant information.


Either way it sounds like it is time to see a liver specialist for a recent overall assessment of your liver, Hepatitis C, possible other conditions and maybe even treatment options.

I appreciate not having the resources for medical care but there might be ways if you are willing to do a little leg work.
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By saying you might not get a "decent response" on this forum I only meant any response at all since there seems to be little if any active participation over here :)
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