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Lot of different symptoms. Need Help Diagnosing the problem

Hello. I am 28 yrs, 160lbs male and having the following symptoms for a month. Need help diagnosing the problem and recommendation on which physician i should visit

1. Get Acid Reflux, burps after eating food
2. Body temp raises in evening ( around my dinner time)
3. Have morning headaches and head heaviness throughout the day
4. Feel like cannot breathe the fullest at times i,.e having short breaths
5. nose starts running suddenly when i am working out

Looking forward to receive some advice.

Thanks a lot
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So sorry you are not well.  Please see a gastroenterologist.  Fluid from GERD or acid reflux can be aspirated into the lungs and cause some very severe breathing problems.

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Untreated Acid reflux can also cause inflammation and erode the lining of the oesophagus and the vocal chords (larynx), causing hoarseness of voice.

The other symptoms you mention may be from a viral or bacterial infection and you may have a head cold or an allergy.  Your doctor would be able to send you for a barium meal xray and prescribe you with medication to control the acid reflux.  Eat and drink small portions.  Little and often is better than have a big meal all at once and do not eat for a few hours before going to bed for the night.  Cut out junk and fried foods and limit your amount of alcohol.  If you smoke it is better to try and stop or cut down at least.

The breathing problems may be related to a viral or bacterial infection or an allergy, or you may now have developed asthma or you may be anaemic.  With anaemia there is not enough red corpuscles in the blood to circulate the oxygen around your body.  If you feel it is related to an allergy, either do not expose your self to the allergen or take antihistamines and also try a nasal spray to help to decongest.  Steam inhalations will also help to unblock your sinus and head problems.

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids avoiding milk products until your "head cold" get better

Best wishes
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You can stop your runny nose by taking Black Elderberry.  A natural supplement from the health food store.  Mom and I both use it in the morning to stop the hacking and coughing up phlegm!
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I have headaaaches in morning on right side back of head which seems to stem with fluid .  I stand up and my headache almost disappears completely.  The pressure point in back of head is painful.  I haven't had a cold in almost 5-6 years.  I do not have sinus drainage from my nose.  I feel a sensation of some fluid moving from side to side while lying down.  I have hearing loss in my r ear which I had a MRI.  It feels like my ears are full of water and pop like your ears do when changing elevation.   Recently symptoms are worsening.   It also feels like a pulled muscle a twangy type when I turn my head but pain seems close to ear.  I do not have a siuns infection.  Help driving me insane.
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