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EKG stress test necessary?

Hy all! I'm 23 y.o male, i only smoke occasionally, but a bit overweight (30.1 BMI)
Last week i've been to a cardiologist because i cough up white mucus while i'm running outside for exercise.
I told him that i have acid reflux, and because of my age and my family history of no heart diseases he told me it is very unlikely that i have heart problems. But for my sake he did an EKG, a heart ultrasound, physical examination and blood test. All of this came back fine, but he said if i have time or if i want to, we can make an EKG stress test too.I dont know what to do, because during running the coughing didnt stop, but the doc thinks it's becuase of the reflux.
So folks, what do think? Can i have a heart disease? Should i make the ekg stress test too?
Thank you for your answers in advance

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