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Tachycardia to Atrial Fib ?

I had first incident of tachycardia 33 years ago @200 bpm It was always connected to gas or indigestion.  A doctor told me years ago that it could be brought on by vagal stimulation.  Ablation was suggested - but then we discovered carotid massage would convert heart to normal beats.  Was using this technique until recently &just pressing on carotid until it could be felt to slow.  A few times it didn't work and ER would use Adenocine injection to convert.
A few days ago, I went into tachycardia but ER couldn't' convert - so had to put me out & use electro pads to shock back into normal beats.  
Very stressful.  Already on meds to slow heartbeats & lower blood pressure, but can still kick into overdrive anytime.
Previous episodes always had regular fast beats but this latest episode was called A-fib as. Beats were all over the place.  What next?  Any suggestions?

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