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is it heart disease?

first off i am 57year old female i have Graves disease since 1994 thats when i was diagnosed so maybe what i am experiencing is related maybe not but i have heard of mitrovalve prolapse being related . so my symptoms over the years on occassion have been palpatations or big palpatations if i exercise or when i get my heart rate up in aerobic workouts it feels like the palpataton or maybe they are spasms feel like they are going to come out of my chest it lasts for just that second, or another time when i was pregnant with my daughter and already diagnosed recently at that time i was awakened in the middle of the night and was very scared because i had heard some yelling in the hallway of the building whre i lived i jumped up and right away my heart started beating real fast and at the same time my back was hurting, it felt like my heart was beating in my back area and it had me bent over only for a few seconds and then it took another year and felt that again i just thought it would go away and the doctors never thought it was anything dangerous so i would get this over the years once in awhile it seems like if i would get really stressed out or it just happens when it wants to. so now i get little quick sharp pains in chest area and sometimes in the socket of my shoulder and its just for a second and goes away, so a couple of weeks ago my newer primary doc i told i was having some mild to sharp little jabs in my chest so i finally had a stress echoe test now i have to see a cardiologist because the blood flow throught the anterior frontal wall of heart is abnormal not flowing the way it should be!!  has anyone out there familliar with these symptoms?? my appointment is next week but of course i am searching for answers now. Thanks

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