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Anxiety? Heart problems??

I'm a 22 year old male and i suffer from severe anxiety and i have a serious problem where i don't leave my home.

For five years i've had no exercise, and came out of my house only a few times.

Ever since last year my heart has been skipping beats which started very mild but now has become very scary.

Two months ago the problems got worse and now i'm getting dizzy spells throughout most of the day, my heart is constantly skipping or sometimes feels like its stops for 5+ seconds then i feel dizzy, faint, light headed and i get a tingling sensation throughout my body.

My heart feels weak alot, i get this weird sensation as if my heart is growling sort of like a stomach, i feel short of breath aswell, i get these weird pains in my brain, my arms, heart etc.

Every once in a while my heart does this weird thing where it beats really weak and i get funny sensations, dizziness, short of breath, paleness and then it starts racing until it eventually calms down.

Yesterday i woke up to a weak pulse which remained through most of the day until eventually went back to normal.

I've been to the hospital a few times about a year ago and even recently, i've had about three or four EKG's different times and everything was "fine."

I'm so scared, i feel like sooner or later i'm just going to be found passed out or dead (god forbid.)
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Hi. I can completely relate. I'm a 28 y old female and in my earlier 20s I KNEW something was wrong with my heart. I had testing done and had called 911 a couple of times. It was a living hell. Not bathing, checking my heart rate  and compulsively checking my blood pressure. Constant obsessing and checking and worry. I literally couldn't live a normal life. I lost job after job. I was on 4mgs on klonopin which I was addicted to. I knew I had an anxiety disorder but I also convinced myself there was other things medically wrong with me. I finally got off the klonopin and onto inderal. A beta blocker just a small dose everyday to help with the rapid heart rate, skipped beats, nervous sweaty feeling. To deal with the emotional part I was put on zoloft and got a therapist. Also exercise doesn't cure anxiety but it can help. When I started exercising I was afraid my heart wouldnt be able to take it and that would set off my anxiety. You have what sounds like agoraphobia and cardiophobia. I urge you to seek help because you can have a life. I know what it's like. I remember getting fired from jobs because I couldnt leave my house. I remember thinking I know something is physically wrong with me and panicking. It's not gone but I can function. I promise it can get better but you cant do it alone. Mental health is real. If you had diabetes you wouldn't not take your insulin so you have a severe anxiety disorder and you deserve treatment. I wish you all the best and could relate to your post so well. Xoxo
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