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Heart problems misdiagnosed as panic attack?

18 year old female. symptoms are loss of consciousness, body numbness(entire body), blurry vision, shortness of breath, chest/rib pain, pounding heart beat, black outs. my doctors did an ekg and the results were normal and then they gave me a 48 hour heart monitor and they said my heartbeat was fast. when i got a call back they said i was having a panic attack, im wondering if these symptoms could be a result of something else. ive never heard of a panic attack lasting longee than an hour and three of my symptoms last the entire day and have for weeks.
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A heart condition would be very rare at your age, consideruing that a EKG has been made.
Did your doctor do some blood tests as well? Shortness of breath, pounding heart beat, black outs could mean that you are a bit anemic.

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I have something simmilar.

I expiriance some strange heart pain always after a night out. Kind of anxiety and rapid heart beat always after consuming alcohol approx 2...3liter beer and smoking approx 5 cigarets.

In the night am waking up by the relative fast heartbeat approx 100bpm and then the anxiety comes up because you feel your heart pain and I start to worry my heart might fail.

I went to the doctor with it:

- Blood tests ok

- Blood pressure ok

- stress ECG ok

- CT scann of heart also ok

- heart sonar also ok

As you see we went through some effort to check my heart. But we didn't find anything. So how comes I get this rapid heart, the slightly pain in the hesrt, flat breath and this fear?

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