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HPV/ genital wart questions

About 5 months ago I had ONE small genital wart in my perineum region. I was prescribed Aldara cream and the wart went away in about 4 days. I haven't had any outbreaks since the one 5 months ago. My doctor told me that the virus may or may not even be in my body anymore. I just got out of a short 3 month relationship. My ex hasn't had any visible symptoms of the HPV virus at least this far along. He was aware of my past outbreak. He and I recently broke up and i'm back in the same boat of worrying and feeling guilty again. I'm afraid to have to tell another person about the condition.
   My question is 1. Because it's been nearly 6 months without an outbreak is it safe to say I probably won't have another?  and 2. At what point does the virus typically leave the body or at least become dormant?  I've also got all three of the Garasil shots after I found out I had HPV. My doctor told me to get the shots to make sure I didn't catch another form of the virus down the road that could be harmful and he also said getting the shots would reduce my chances of getting an outbreak and make me less contagious.
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If your ex has not shown any symptoms then that is a good sign that you are no longer contagious but i would still speak to them to assume they still are ok.

According to the doctors on this website and the NHS website if you are symptom free after 3 - 6 months then you are no longer contagious and will most likely never have to worry about warts again. They say on this weebsite there is no need to tell a future partner but it is your call. You could drop it into convosation that you once had genital warts but you got rid of them x months ago.

The Gardsoil jab just protects agasint certain strains but as far as i have read it does not make u less contagious or getting another outbreak it would just stop u getting other GW from another strain

Hope this helps
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