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Heart Transplant for Transposition of Vessels patient

I'm not positive this is the correct area, but here goes.  My boyfriend, soon to be husband, if hopefully going to be having a heart transplant in the next year.  We are wanting to make sure he is as prepared and healthy as he can be for this surgery.  He was born with Transposition of the Great Vessels, having had corrective surgery at a few months old to reverse blood flow in the heart and had valve replacement when he was 7 yrs old.  He has in the last 4 years had 4-5 heart failures.  I was hoping to have some diet/exercise suggestions made.  Of course all information will be taken and used carefully, but we both want to make sure he is prepared for this surgery.  Thank you in advance for any help/information provided.
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You should talk to the doctors who have all the information on your husbands case.  It sounds like the transplant may be the appropriate course of action if he has had several episodes of heart failure.  I wish I could give you more specific information but this is a very complex case.
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