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Lower Jaw Pain

I'm 58 yr old female with strong family history of heart diseases. I am 20 lbs overweight - I'm currently working on this.  My bp is - 100/60, total cholesterol is a little high and am how taking low dose Lipitor. My problem is that a year ago I noticed when I went for a walk outside in the cold weather, my lower jaw and neck tightened up to the point I felt pain. It was like a scarf tightened around my neck and lower jaw. I am not grinding my teeth or clenching my jaw. The pain went away when I stopped walking and went inside. This happens also when fast walking on an indoor track where I work out. When I tried jogging I felt as though my head would explode. I must let you know this does not happen when I do weight training.  Last Feb. cardiologist did tests such as angiogram and I passed. However, the pain for me continues and is interfering with my exercising. Is there any way this is related to my cardiovascular system?
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Jaw pain especially related to exertion with relief from rest could be angina. But, if your angiogram was normal, this becomes less likely. In some rare instances one can have angina, with normal angiogram, eg from spasm of your coronary arteries or small vessel disease (syndrome X)
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