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had pain/tingling in chest, severe arm pain for days

Earlier this month, from about midnight until i went to sleep at 2-3 am, I was having chest pains. Not severe pains, but definitely bothersome. I'm 24 (male) and have some problems with acid reflux but it didn't really feel like reflux.

The following day, my left arm was aching and felt sore to the touch. Later that night my shoulder blade was hurting pretty bad and i had tingling, pinprick-like feelings in both my arm and chest (left side).
The day after, my whole arm hurt more, and felt heavy and hard to move. Still had the off and on tingling.
After a few days, the pain in my arm mostly subsided, but I still had some pain and tightness under my arm, and at the inside of my elbow. I would sometimes have mild tightness across my whole chest. My fingertips began going numb as well.

It has now been about two weeks and my only lasting symptoms are the numberness in my fingertips, and occasional tingling in my chest (usually around my left nipple).

I went to my doctor at the end of last week, but didn't feel he spent much time trying to determine what's wrong. He seemed to write off the idea of serious problems due to my age. The dr moved my arms around and pressed on my neck, saying if it were a pinched nerve, it should cause pain, but it didn't. He suggested I see my chiropractor (which i go to occasionally for some back and neck problems).

Although most of the effects have gone away, I'm still a bit worried aobut what may have happened.
I did have an EKG about a year ago (when my acid reflux was worst) and there were no problems found. There is some history of heart attack and stroke in my family.
Does this sound heart related or muscular/bone? I do work on a computer most of the day, with the aforementioned back/neck issues.
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It sounds more likely to be neuro/muscular, but if symptoms persist/recur or worsen a stress test may be reassuring
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