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I have been having spells that last about 30 minutes to an hour where i feel very lightheaded and disconnected, uncoordinated, and need to lay down.  Things that help it sometimes if at all are laying down or eating.  It's not my blood sugar though it was normal during a spell.  Sometimes my chest feel heavy or squeeze a little in the center, or like my heart may give out, but I do not have severe chest pain.     I'm a 30 year old man.  with a normal echocardiogram chest xray labs.    I was thinking about maybe an ECG gated CT angio of the heart.   Am I a very good candidate to jump right into that test ..?   if not, what else should i get done?
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If I were you I would consider a coronary calcium score: not very expensive and gives you lots of information about much plaque you have in your coronary arteries. The cardiac CT angio will allow you to see all of the coronary arteries but won't necessarily tell you if the plaque is causing problems with blood flow so it could lead to more testing. You may be better served all together with a 30 day event monitor to see if you have any abnormal rhythms of the heart
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