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A little baby with Mild diffuse cerebral atrophy
My niece, six months old baby girl whose recent MRI shows mild diffuse cerebral atrophy cause of Convulsion .
Her head size is 40.6 cm and birth weight was 2,80 kgs.

What will you recommend for this?

Please have a look at the MRI report given below:

Patient's Name: Sampurna Bhattacharya Age: 5 Months 15 days Sex:F
Part Scanned: Brain
Ref Doctor: Dr. Apurba Ghosh Date:8th Nov 2008

Thank you Dr. GHosh for your reference.

Clinical History: Convulsion.


Imaging Protocol: Multiplanar images of brain were obtained on T1,T2 weighted and FLAIR sequences.

Periventricular white matter volume is mildly reduced bilaterally.Cortical sulci is prominent.

The white matter shows normal myelination pattern cosistent with the age of child.

NO Obvious neuronal migration or sulcation abnormality is noted.

the corpus callosum is thin.

the supratentorial ventricular systems are mildly dilated with a midline septum.

there structures of posterior fossa including the IVth ventricle are normal.

the brain stem and cerebello-pontine angles are unremarkable.

normal flow void is noted is basilar cisterns show no gros abnormality.

the bilateral internal auditory canals with the VIIIth nerve complexes are unremarkable.

MR Scan of Brain shows mild diffuse cerebral atrophy.

Please correlate clinicaly
suggested follow up study.

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