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Hi everyone, I've made my 9 months old who will be 10 0n 3 Oct. develop a habit of peeing in toilet .

My 9 months old has developed a habit of peeing in the toilet.He doesn't pee in his pants(I don't use diapers as he is not comfortable with them). He pees only when he is made to.That's why I'm concerned.I figured out the pattern of him peeing.I carry him to toilet when I feel the right time to do so, & he pees.But during the night he used to wet his bedding. Altho' he used to cry---for milk as he wakes up twice at night for his bottle and that was the time when he wet his bedding.But yesterday night I made him pee almost 15 minutes before putting him to bed i.e. around 10 pm,he cried at 12:45am,I took him to toilet & he did the work,then he cried at 2:45 am again same thing happened.There after when I woke up at 6:45 am that I took him to toilet.I just wonder how can a little baby hold on for such a long time.Also during the day his granny took him to a relatives' place.They returned after about 2 hours,tho' he was wearing diapers but he peed only when I took him to toilet & made him do so i.e. after almost 3 hours.I'm really worried.Is every thing ok.

I would like to add that I'm working (8-5) & attend to him only after 5pm in the evening.Plz feel free for any suggestion or comment
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