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Recurring strep throat in toddler

My son has had strep throat 6 times this year.He has had it 4 times since July 9th.He was put on 10 days of antibiotics and then he went back for another test.It was positive.He then was on another 10 days of omnicef as they said that maybe it wasnt enough for him so in total he had 20 days of omnicef.He then went back again after 10 days and tested positive again.He was then given clindamyacin for another 10 days and came back after that and tested positive again.He is now on azithromycin for 5 days.That finishes tom.Throughout this whole time he has run a constant fever from 100.4-101.2.sometimes higher.He has also complained of a sore throat and not eaten well at all.He is still saying that his throat hurts him when he does try and eat.He is still drinking some to keep his fluids up.I am having to give him tylenol at least once or twice a day to keep the fever down and also to keep him comfortable.I am not sure how many meds his teeth can handle.we are in a tricky situation as we are thinking about surgery but he does have a few heart problems which could be compromised with surgery.We are wondering if it is worth the risk of his heart to have surgery or just keep giving him the antibiotics. we are not sure what the next step will be if he tests positive again on Thursday.We have been in contact with his I.D. Dr and he was the one that suggested the last course of antibiotics.Has anyone else been in this situation?If so please can you let us know what you did or if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.We are trying to keep him away from big crowds as much as possible.Thanks for your help and input.
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Strep throat is a bacterial infection, so what ever anti-biotics they put him on didn't work. It's not that he keeps getting a new infection, it's just that the one he has isn't going away. Azithromycin tends to be a good anti-biotic, though he may need a stronger dose as he seems to be resistant. I would wait on the surgery, personally, as I don't think it'd be worth the risk. Good luck
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