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Anemia or anxiety?

So two months ago, I've been having constant tingling sensations and numbness on my sole (both foot) for nearly a month. Then this disappeared but I started to have the same sensation on both of my palms and fingers and it gets really sweaty sometimes. Plus I've been having tight chest pains.
I've been having this for 7 weeks now and it's been really frustrating because at times I can't grip things properly and the tingling sensation has been constant 24/7.
I decided to see a doc and he took a blood sample from me, results came and turns out I have anemia and my iron is critically low plus I have low vitamin D. I've been on supplements but it doesn't seem to be working..
I thought it was anxiety because I recently had a traumatic event but I'm not too sure what's wrong with me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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There are different types of anemia.  Some are hereditary, and some are acquired.  Have you considered going back to the doctor for additional laboratory work?  
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Did you go back to see the doctor for another CBC work up. May be your B12 and folate level as well
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