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Dreaming Of Spiders In My Bed And Sleep Walking

Hello all.

I'm 19 years old, healthy and on no medication and I'm just a little curious as to what this may be affecting me and why I keep having this recurring dream about spiders in my bed.

I have had this dream on several occasions; basically what I dream about is thinking that there are spiders in my bed (it feels as if it's real life) and I get out of my bed to go and turn the light switch on, I'll check my bed and then just go straight back to sleep. Although it's a dream, I sleepwalk and do all of the actions, my parents have caught me doing it on 2 seperate occasions during the middle of the night and I'm not sure if it's something that I should be worried about?

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated!
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Hahahaha.  I have to laugh because I have been there so many times.  It was a monthly occurrence for me to hop out of bed and start looking for that damn spider.  LOL.  One time I woke up and thought a big furry spider fell from the ceiling and it was under the covers.  I started beating the spider but it was actually my husband's leg.  

I have not had those dreams in quite a while and here is what I did to stop them.  I made it my job to learn everything I could possibly learn about spiders.  I started studying them in my yard and online.  I just hit that fear head on.  I actually gained a large amount of respect for spiders and their role in the ecosystem.  I also learned how harmless most of them really are.  Most spiders really do not want to have any conflict with people.  They don't want to bite what they can't consume.  Once I made that fear an irrational fear, I never had another spider nightmare again.  If you aren't afraid of spiders then your dreaming and walking could be associated with a high level of anxiety that day or week.  I usually found that both anxiety and fear were the fuel for my nightmares.    
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