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Sudden insomnia - is it just stress and worry?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for someone to put my mind at ease. I'm 30 yrs old male and have developed insomnia 2 months ago which made me wake up early and unable to return to sleep. Now I'm also stuck with anxiety and depression due to the CONSTANT worry about insomnia and what had caused it. At first, I thought it was just a phase, but I kept on waking up early and had interrupted sleep. This has caused me enormous deal of anxiety (obsessing about falling asleep, staying asleep, functioning the next day...). I'm feeling hopeless that I'll never be my former self again (with occasional crying spells to spice things up).

Around the New Year I took some weed brownies for the first time and it didn't go well (terrible anxiety and lightheaded). After that I suffered a heavy sinus infection, one that hasn't been cured properly and now I got a cyst which needs to be removed surgically. So to release some of the stress I started taking long hikes (8km every day) and after 2 weeks I developed pressure in my chest and leg fatigue. I had been diagnosed with arrythmia and slight mitral valve regurgitation as a child, but the current tests show its so minimal that it shouldn't even be a limitation to my physical efforts. Shortly after all that the insomnia has started.

A few days ago I started on psychotherapy, Xanax 0,25 (1+1+2) and escitalopram for depression.Now I'm able to fall asleep almost instantly (is this normal?) and sleep interrupted for 5-6 hours (sometimes waking during a dream). Then I usually fall asleep again for another 1-2 hours but somehow I feel it's not the refreshing kind of sleep. Instead I feel I sleep lightly and dream more (although I rarely remember any of my dreams, just fragments sometimes - is that normal too?). When I wake up its like I feel so heavily sedated, so sleepy, tend to stumble around, low energy, feeling a bit confused etc. I woke up at around 8am today and it took 8 hours for the drowsiness to subside, but it's still here somewhat. It is really hard to function like this. I like to go on walks but I feel so worn down.

I had standard blood work done, plus liver enzymes and thyroid levels, color doppler of legs (due to tired legs) and head MRI. Everything checked out fine, except MRI which showed sinusitis (that I know about) and a 4mm cyst subarachnoidal (should be of no importance whatsoever and is usually an incidental finding - I'm seeing a neurologist next week just in case). After so many tests I still wonder whether something serious is going on with my body or is my hypochondria getting the better of me? I read something about that fatal insomnia thing (SFI), but it shouldn't be the case here, right?

I appreciate any insights and support!
Thanks! :)
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