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Used a cpap for 5 months, but now I'm back to complete exhaustion

I suffered horribly with sleep apnea  for about 8 months before I finally went to a doctor. I had 2 over night sleep studies done and then received my cpap machine in October. It worked great, I stopped tossing and turning during the night. I stopped getting up to go to the bathroom and I stopped snoring and feeling exhausted the next day. About 2 months ago the total exhaustion returned. I still sleep through the night, no snoring and no tossing and turning, but in the morning I'm back to total exhaustion. Does anyone have any clues as to what can cause this "overnight" change?
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Does your face mask or nose "pillows" fit properly?  Are you still using your C-PAP machine?  Do u have problems with it not fitting properly?  Does it "burp" on the sides or on the top?  What type do u have?  I have those problems with mine; that is why I asked.

  If your machine has a filter, make sure u change it often; that affects how the machine is able to help you.  Does your machine have a built in "humidifier"?  Mine does and I have to make sure to keep it clean and fresh water or it starts to smell bad.  Then I started removing the mask during the night.  Has that ever happened to you?

  Perhaps your machine needs to be adjusted.........I had mine adjusted a coupe times.

  I have both types of mask, the one that covers my mouth (I am a mouth breather) which makes terrible marks on my face because I am wanting to avoid the air "burping" out of the sides or on the top where it will blow into my eyes.

Several time, they had to change the SIZE of my mask, both types that i have.  My face and nostrils too small ...ended up with an EXTRA small...can u believe that?  Having the right size for your particular face is very important I found out the hard way.

My suggestion: call the company where you got your C-PAP machine. Have it checked out. Maybe you need NEW supplies.  It makes such a difference being able to breathe good while sleeping.  Don't delay!  Call first thing, ok?  Hope you reach out and get assistance so u can sleep good again and wake up feeling refreshed...........enjoy your Spring!
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