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Very Sensitive & Light Sleeper

Dear All,

I am currently a female student in college having trouble sleeping frequently.  I was raised in a family where when it was time to sleep, all the lights were turned off and everyone in the house gets into bed.  However, this is not the situation for college.  I have had several roommates in which, when they were in a room next door watching TV or studying on low volume, I still have a terrible time falling asleep just knowing that they are there awake.  Even the tiniest noise bothers me.  It is as if I am expecting them to go to bed before I can sleep myself.  This problem has persisted for at least 2 years already after I have underwent a very stressful time in my life with chemotherapy which might have also contributed to this terrible sleep habit.  Also, I find that stress makes me more alert during my sleep.  Especially stress from school.  Sometimes using Benadryl helps me sleep, but I wake up tired.  I have tried ear plugs without much success.  And am considering using white noise since turning on the uniform noise of the kitchen vent sometimes helps.  But at such a young age, I really do not want to be on medication for sleep after I have regained control of my health post chemotherapy.  

I don't want other people's sleep patterns to govern mine because I would not get enough sleep this way.  I just want to sleep well and normally and not wake up to the slightest noise every night.  I fear that eventually not getting enough sleep from this problem would harm my health and make me more stressed.

Please any suggestions would help.
Thank you,
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