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sleep paralysis

My mother is 80 years old and at least twice this has happened with her as far as we know.
She will be in the first 1/2 of sleep and we will try to wake her up. Normally she is easy to wake but in this case we will shake her, yell at her, move her and she will not get up. The first time it lasted for about 1/2 hour until the paramedics came in. She did not remember anything and was totally awake. She was bright and cheerful as if she had been up for about 4 hours.
The second time we could not wake her up the parametics bricked her finger for diabetes test, they picked her up in her sheets and carried her out the door. One of them raised her arm to take her blood pressure and the arm stayed up. they had to physically push it down. They took her for a cat scan on her head.  She had been sleeping on her hand and even when she was lifted up she kept her hand under her cheek. There was nothing supporting her hand. she did not have a seizure that we know of based on a amblitory eeg. She did not have a stroke as far as they know. she has protein s  deficiency which means her blood clots, diabetes, dementia- probably vascular- and scoliosis. Please advise what this could be.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, it seems to be a manifestation of type of sleep disorder like parasomnias, wherein the certain events occur without the knowledge of the person.

Few of the individuals are known to suffer from parasomnias esp. when they are on non-benzodiazepine sedaives, drug abuse etc. otherwise no definitive cause exists in few individuals apart from stress, positive past history of abuse etc.

The associated symptoms with the following disorder are confusional wakefulness, sleep paralysis, nightmares and night terrors. This can occur in any sleep stage (REM and non-REM stage) .

To rule out parasomnias she needs to undergo Polysomnyography and sleep analysis. she needs to take out time for further evaluation. Ask her to sleep with light on. Short term benzodiazepine against prescription will help her. I suggest you to consult her to a physician or sleep specialist. Take care and regards.
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